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Thread: I introduce myself

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    I introduce myself

    Hi everyone! I apologize for not introducing myself properly in the first place! I chose for my nickname
    Renovatio (meaning rebirth in latin language)I live in Argentina, I am a descendant of Italians ... I have Italian blood in my veins, work as a CG artist. I like everything related to design, create, restore, improve etc!

    I've been watching modding for a long time and do a few months ago I decided to enter the contest from Cooler Master with my first mod (yes! know .. I'm kamikaze)

    I want to thank Modders inc and Thermaltake for the opportunity of organizing this type of competition in which they must present the idea and then if selected product is given to concrete! in my case is a great opportunity because I do not have great resources and live in third world country does not help .So for now just be showing my concept designs

    Thanks to all who have been voting for me so far!

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    I introduce myself

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    We are here for you and all the new and veteran modders.

    I am happy that you like the contest and I think is a great way to get people involved.

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