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Thread: Questions for Podcast #24

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    Questions for Podcast #24

    oh oh if you're discussing overclocking be sure to admit that Bulldozer does great in this area and can compete in gaming with the 2600K!
    oh no.... o_o

    how can I answer this

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    Questions for Podcast #24


    Rage - When rage quit Rage is it actually rage quitting or is that part of the game?

    Can you talk about motivation and reason behind Over Clocking? What are some of the selling points and how can we get new people to tinker and play with speed?

    TT eSport Modding Contest - No real questions but I just wanted to say this is the best thing since sliced bread. I love the community building and the competition. It helps us all push our own skills and learn new things. But if you can talk about some of the nefarious corporate goals that we, the hardware whores, are sacrificing our loved ones to...

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