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    Project Oak

    I've always enjoyed scouring the forums looking at what other have designed and built. But it wasn't till recently i saw the L3p D3sk (Amazing btw) and it really motivated me to build my first case from scratch.

    I've gotten a pretty good chunk of the desk built already but haven't had time to start up a worklog since I've been busy moving into my new house.

    I'm settled now so its time to get at it.

    Here was the current state as of yesterday morning

    I drilled the hole in the back plate for the acrylic tube i will use to route my wires

    After cutting it to length i used some frosting spay paint

    Skipped a couple steps but here is the tube mounted and under-lit

    And Finally with the back panel in place and all the cables run

    Next up on the agenda is to completely rebuild the internals. Still rocking the comp i built in 07 so I'm way past due for an upgrade.

    Parts List
    Intel Core i7 2600k Sandie Bridge
    Sapphire Radeon HD 6990 **Updated**
    Crucial 128GB SSD
    CORSAIR PSG AX1200 **Updated**
    Asus Maximus IV Extreme
    Corsair Vengeance - 16GB

    Watercooling Components
    EK Supreme HF CPU block
    EK FC6990 GPU block **Updated**
    EK D5 X-Top rev.2
    Bitspower Matte Black Barbs
    EK Ekoolant - Blood Red

    *apologize for the pictures... yes there from my phone

    All the previous build pics can be seen Here

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    Project Oak

    Great Start! I like the effect with the tube and the red lighting

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    Project Oak

    Thank you! I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

    Small update My sleeving arrived

    Also ordered all of my components! Hopefully they will arrive this week and i can get started on the really fun stuff.

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    Project Oak

    I love these integrated desk PC's. It is form following function which looks good. Very smooth and tidy. I love the way the Acrylic tube lights up, and the way you have the monitors and TV mounted as if they are floating.


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    Project Oak

    Been a long time since an update and I've gotten quite a bit done so I'll just get too it

    Parts arrived

    Removed my old components and started with a new mb tray

    Started work on the sleeving

    Installed all the watercooling components

    Started adding some wood accents

    And that gets me up to recently where i started work on the sata power

    Also have the loop done and has been running for 24 hrs with no leaks

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    Project Oak

    Another small update. Finished the sata power cables

    More Wood!!

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    Project Oak

    I dig adding the wood accents to the computer internals, including the CR2025, lol, a nice touch.

    That's all great stuff you've got going in there too. You've got something to be proud of, and you can eat a steak off it at the same time!

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    Project Oak

    I love steak!

    Got the first fan connector done

    Before on the left

    Sorry for the phone pics. Brother in-law wanted his camera back so this will have to do till x-mas

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    Project Oak

    I love the wood accents! Keep it up!

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