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More Than Two Minutes Of Footage From Sunday’s Season Premiere Of THE WALKING DEAD

"Today’s long awaited second-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” may be the best of the series to date, loaded as it is with suspense, terror, violence, drama, and, above all, a level of gore that we don’t see often even in a hour of pay cable.

A couple of things happen that are destined to change things rather permanently for lawman Rick Grimes.

The first two episodes don't bring a prison, or a governor, or the return of Michael Rooker's one-handed racist Merle Dixon -- and viewers aren't likely to care.

Ironically, I think this may be the episode that got Frank Darabont fired, since two directors are credited. A key point of contention with AMC, allegedly, is the channel didn’t like the raw footage (or “dailies”) they were getting from a director Darabont hired."

Two minutes and 13 seconds from tomorrow's premiere:

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