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Thread: How to change the orientation of mobo tray

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    How to change the orientation of mobo tray

    Many cases come with standard ATX layout of motherboard tray but i like the 90degree rotated orientation of mobo tay as in silverstone FT03 and raven cases(which i cant afford :cry.
    Then the airflow should be bottom to top.Now i want to mod a case to change the mobo orientation.

    I found that CM690II adv case is suitable for this as it can accommodate 2 bottom fans.
    My question is how to do this? Even is it possible? Any other case which is more suitable for this mod?
    I am new to modding but i think i can do it.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

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    How to change the orientation of mobo tray

    Well man, that's the joy of modding. Imagine it and you can make it happen.Looks how it's mounted currently. Cut it out and flip it 90, and whala! Obviously not that easy, more than likely the easiest way is to make an all new motherboard tray out of aluminum and just orient it the way you want.

    But I'm with you I like the motherboard with the input end in the up position. If you even have basic knowledge of Sketchup, draw up some ideas and see how it looks.
    Good luck man.

    hey man I just ironically stumbled upon this...
    That guy did what you want to do, and shows how.

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    How to change the orientation of mobo tray

    Thank you for link you provided really useful.

    Can anyone tell me is there a possible way of moving the PSU from rear to front in CM690II advanced?
    The hard disk tray is removable so if PSU is moved to front then this is the case suits well for the mod i am planning.

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    How to change the orientation of mobo tray

    I just flipped my first PC mod upside down. But that was more for fan and door placement placement than anything. It was a really old case and tough as nails so flipping it was no problem. Newer cases might not be as forgiving.

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    How to change the orientation of mobo tray

    My solution is simple:

    1) Mount feet on front panel
    2) Tilt case forward

    Done! :P

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