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Thread: Project SCORPIO!

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Well, this update took longer than I anticipated. Using a new kind of paint, that requires a long drying time, but it's SUPER durable, almost as strong as powder coat.
    Also, we have a new sponsor. Big thanks to Glenn and Quiet PC
    They came to my rescue and provided me with the Aerocool Touch 2000 Controller, 7 Fans, and the Blu-Ray player we're putting in the mod. Should see these in soon.

    So, as I said, the case is painted. Well, just the metal. Still modding the plastic parts at the moment.

    I got the EKWB radiator finished and mounted in the case. I love this radiator. Huge and very well built. Should cool 3 video cards just fine.

    I polished the sides of the radiator so it would match the aluminum throughout the mod. Seems to match perfectly.

    Now you can see the square hole on the right side. That will be housing the Blu-Ray player. I am exposing the inside of the player, showing the disc. Should add a nice color show when spinning.
    Starting to get exciting, things coming together now. Hopefully soon we'll have a motherboard, processor and video cards to show you. We're still not set on which ones to get yet.

    I can not end a update without some sort of teaser! Who shot JR?
    ok well gander at this..

    Any guesses on what that's for?

    Well see you guys soon. Alot is happening now!

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Camshaft for a moving scorpion to be added later?

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Camshaft to set off fireworks when you unveil what it is?

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Camshaft for a moving scorpion to be added later?
    That's what I think, scorpions are arachnids and the cam has 8 lobes. My guess is it's for moving legs also.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    lol although a great idea, it's not. I put a 3D equalizer kinda thing on the top of the case. It has 8 bars. Sound activated. light up. Just another weird gadget of sorts I like putting in stuff.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Here we go again! We have started assembling this monster. Still a lot of work to do but we're getting their. Were still trying to find mobo/processor/graphics cards but I imagine we'll find them eventually.

    On with the pictures!!!

    This is the left side. I have not even started on the left door yet. I still need to source the CPU to decide which way I need to do it. But it's a pretty look anyway.

    That's the hinges I put in to hold the left door. It will be a giant reservoir so it needed support.

    The right side as it stands now. Look at them gorgeous SSD's!

    The power supply isn't mounted in their yet, I just put it in their so you could get an idea of the massive size of Thermaltakes 1500W PSU!
    The CD-Rom is in their, with a window so you can watch it spin

    I polished the sides of EK's big ass radiator. If this thing does not cool 3 video cards, nothing will!

    Here are some misc shots, hope you enjoy it.

    Well that's it for now. Let me know what you guys think. I'll be sure to let yall know when we source the other parts.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    nice work it's coming together

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    Project SCORPIO!

    @modscases thanks bro. Yeah it sure is. But not fast enough for me lol

    Things have been going slow guys, for that I am sorry. But the company has been slave driving me!
    So here we go with a small update.
    The top with the lights. really cool effect. Yes I know some bolts are missing, I ran out lol
    Closer shot

    I love this part, it's my favorite. Since the mod is for Thermaltake, I figured I would.. well.. hook'em up!

    Now here is the front.

    I hacked the heck out of it, but i wanted it to look different. I still have a couple things to add to it, plus the top isn't on. So obviously that's not the finished product, but a good idea.

    So umm yeah, small update. Hopefully soon we'll start adding hardware. And don't forget. Check out http;// for new modding reviews. We have a contest coming up for a free SSD anytime now. so get signed up today.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Psst, check your PMs.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Well, small update but it's HUGE.
    We have managed to get a lot done, but still more to do. A large mistake I made was designing the system BEFORE i had the case in hand. So now we have to rearrange some things to get it all to fit. Lesson learned.
    I managed to get some of the water cooling ran, but keep in mind this is not the final setup. We are still needing to source some video cards.

    I still have some sleeving to do, but that's the general setup.

    Through enough feedback, we moved our scorpion on the front of the case so it stood out more.

    I went with Danger Den CPU Block and a Black Ice 120MM radiator for the left side.

    I don't have a picture of it yet but the reservoir will be mounted horizontally on the top of the left door. I should have those pics up this week.

    Here are some extra shots.

    Well, that's all for now. Still a ton of sleeving, and wiring to do to hook everything up.
    The sleeving used for this project was provided by Techflex for us to review, that review should be on our website soon. Needless to say.. I do NOT like that sleeving.
    By the way, just a few weeks left before we give away the OCZ SSD. Be sure to register at

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