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Thread: Project SCORPIO!

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Well, small update but it's HUGE.
    We have managed to get a lot done, but still more to do. A large mistake I made was designing the system BEFORE i had the case in hand. So now we have to rearrange some things to get it all to fit. Lesson learned.
    I managed to get some of the water cooling ran, but keep in mind this is not the final setup. We are still needing to source some video cards.

    I still have some sleeving to do, but that's the general setup.

    Through enough feedback, we moved our scorpion on the front of the case so it stood out more.

    I went with Danger Den CPU Block and a Black Ice 120MM radiator for the left side.

    I don't have a picture of it yet but the reservoir will be mounted horizontally on the top of the left door. I should have those pics up this week.

    Here are some extra shots.

    Well, that's all for now. Still a ton of sleeving, and wiring to do to hook everything up.
    The sleeving used for this project was provided by Techflex for us to review, that review should be on our website soon. Needless to say.. I do NOT like that sleeving.
    By the way, just a few weeks left before we give away the OCZ SSD. Be sure to register at

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Incredible and I'm super envious, TWO Kingston Hyper X's ! She's a beaut!!!!

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    Project SCORPIO!


    It's running. But not complete yet. Still trying to find some Video cards to put in it, but for the most part, it's complete.

    Front View. Still working on the LCD. For some reason, it comes on but I can not get Video to it. It has a RCA input, so I got a VGA to RCA adapter and plugged it into my Video card. No luck. Any ideas?

    I put this gadget under the drive bays (removed some of them, I mean really, who is going to have like 6 drives?)

    It's VERY handy. Has plugs for 12, 7 and 5 volts.

    Incoming gratuitous Scorpio shots!

    Here is the Top. I love those lights.

    Here is the Blu-Ray player.

    I formed the plexi door to push the center towards the spinner so it would hold the media in place. Almost looks professional

    Now on to the left door...

    I circled the part I don't like and in the process of fixing. I used a 90 degree elbow and had to use clamps. Working with 1/2 inch tubing is HORRIBLE. I don't recommend it. Stick with 3/8. EKWB really came to the rescue here.

    That Fan from MNPCTECH is flat out awesome. It really makes that left side shine. Thanks again Bill.

    Little more complete right side shot.

    Another huge hanks to Kingston. These SSD's are so amazingly fast. I have them in Raid 0.

    Here is some interior shots. Danger Den provided the CPU block, Chipset Block (which might not make it on it, no room) and the Black Ice 120 Radiator (you guys will see reviews of these soon.)

    So there you have it, in running condition. Here is my To Do list.
    Fix the fitting on left door aka HIDE THEM.
    Add the infrared lighting.
    erm.. umm install a Power and reset switch
    Replace that video card with 2 or 3 others. Maybe replace the motherboard for a z68.
    Replace the fluid with Mahems Aurora Blue
    Fix or replace the LCD.

    On a side note, The TechFlex sleeving I put on isn't the best. It's very stiff and VERY thick. If you sleeve your cables with PET make sure you accommodate for the extra thicknesses. It's ridiculous. Also don't skimp on the quality like I did. It made my job so much harder trying to bend that stuff that it came out crappy.
    We're currently working with some manufacturers on providing you guys with some reviews of better and alternative sleeving products.
    Thanks a ton guys, I appreciate any feedback you can offer. Talk to you again soon when I have some of the list done.


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    Project SCORPIO!

    Time to upgrade your photobucket account!

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Or you could host the pics on your site

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Hey Guys,
    so sorry about the photobucket issues. We have since moved all the photos to our server.
    If you wish to see past photos you can view the full worklog here

    Future updates may or may not be posted anywhere else.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Excellent work bro! Congratulations!

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