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Thread: Project SCORPIO!

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Hey Guys, here we are with our best mod yet. Code named "Scorpio" (based off our company naming convention, not related to the sigil)

    This mod is brought to you by

    Much love and thanks to my sponsors, without them, this mod wouldn't exist.

    Were starting off with what is already a nice case the Chaser MK-I, really well built with a unique design. I like it. My only complaint is I wish it had a hot-swap backplane, which I think we will be putting in.

    and mildly destroyed...
    Were going to chop it up and spit out something we hope to be fantastic. Here is a very rough draft just to give you an idea where we are going with this.

    Were making the entire left side a Reservoir for the Liquid Cooling. With a single radiator (to be determined later) extending out of the middle.
    Were adding a large base to the case for stability as the left door will raise straight up vertically. You'll see that later. Waiting for the slides to come in.

    You can see our opinions on the hardware we're putting in it to far at our website.

    I started by adding hinges to the left door, due to it's weight in the future of the reservoir.

    With the hinges on, it's ready to be cut out and a shroud built to extend a few inches to accommodate the home built reservoir and radiator/fans. That will come later.
    Instead after the hinges i moved on to the right door and cut it out to be replaced by plexi in this shape.

    From there I will be making the extension to house a large fan and the CD-Rom mounted vertically, as seen in the draft. Once done the entire case will be painted White, with light blue highlights through out.

    As far as the hardware, were not sure yet. Were working on a tri Crossfire or SLI setup with the best processor to be able to drive it. and obviously, full watercooling. We'll see how it goes.
    Right now we have Thermaltake's 1500 Watt Beast powering it.
    This thing is awesome. Read my impressions at our website.
    And check these beauties out.
    Kingston provided us with 16 Gigs of this extreme HyperX ram.
    Also Kingston sent us TWO 120 Gig gorgeous SSD's" alt="" />
    These are the only drives that I have seen that are not just beautiful but FASTER than the listed speed, I could not have asked from any better anywhere.

    OCZ sent me their Vertex 3 60 Gig SSD which I want to use in the top of the case in The chaser's build in hot swappable Hard drive bay.
    Something like this, but obviously smaller. The chaser's drive bay will hold all sizes of hard drives!

    That's all for now guys, but were on this full time so be ready for more updates soon.

    Again, thank you to Thermaltake, Kingston and OCZ. You guys are so great to work with and you honestly do have great products.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    I love the way the design is asymmetrical

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    Project SCORPIO!

    love this idea keep up the good work

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    Project SCORPIO!

    My first post didn't seem "meaty" enough for my taste, so I decied to throw more stuff on here. Maybe this will give a better picture.
    We revisited our right hand door design, and didn't like it. So we re-cut it.
    Then I went on to put Plexi in it, then moved into the making of the 1 3/4 extension on lower half. I put in the CD-Rom so you can see wher eit will be placed, facing the front of the case, vertical. As you see,, I started on the housing also. I have something VERY cool in mind for that.

    Then while the glue was drying I started on the top. Let me know what you think about this. I really like it.


    This next one is just a mock up. It's not in place and I have to go get the M8 bolts I want for it in chrome tomorrow. All the bolts will be M8's

    So, as I said, small update.
    See you guys soon!

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    Project SCORPIO!

    We really want to thank the "Cadillac" of Liquid Cooling manufacturers out their,
    for sponsoring the entire dual loop water cooling system were putting in this beast. Stay tuned for photos as soon as they arrive.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Hey guys, sorry for slow updates. Some of our order got lost in shipment.... go go UPS!
    We have a lot of it done but we just don't want to show it yet until we have something substantial. Rest assured though, were going to knock your socks off (well we hope anyway.)

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Bill was kind enough to sponsor some great things we will be using on Project SCORPIO!
    You have got to check out this fan. Simply beautiful.
    Be sure to check out mnpctech's store. If you're a modder, they have essentials needed for that next great mod you're doing.

    Click Image To Case Mod Store

    Thanks again Bill, I owe you one.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Well here we go, I may have to put this into 2 threads. First I wanted to show you just how beautiful EKWB products are. And what makes them even more impressive is how GOOD they are. I am very lucky to have a sponsor like EKWB. So without further a due.
    Keep in mind that everything I am listing today is only for the video cards. The CPU loop will come at a later date.

    This is everything in a nut shell.

    3x 6950/70 Water blocks... now I have to find video cards for them lol. These are going to look absolutely beautiful with Mahems Dye in it.

    VERY thick 360 radiator. This is just for the 3 video cards.

    Check out this giant Reservoir.
    This thing just barely fits inside the case. Just how I wanted it.

    EK-DCP 4.0 is the pump in the picture. This thing is plenty to push the liquid all through those cards. I'm not sure there is one more powerful. And then we have a ton of fittings to hook it all up. This should be good.

    Ok, now back to the mod. We have gotten a lot done, were pretty happy.
    Look at our little friend-

    He's just at home with Thermaltake. He is just a teaser, you'll see soon what we do with him.

    We finally got the 7 inch LCD in, this shouls where we're putting it, but it's not in yet.

    We managed to get the sliders on the right door today. I'm totally stoked about this. Looks great.

    It opens 100% to the top.

    With the body putty drying, I moved on to the front, cut out the little squares. I'll be putting blue plexy in.

    I managed to squeeze in cutting the rest of the aluminum to be put on the front of the case also.

    I also got the right door panel made, this is the housing that will hold the DVD recorder and the 200MM fan

    Welp, this should be enough for today guys. I hope the forums will accept so many pictures.

    I'll have substantially more in a couple days, so stay tuned.

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    Project SCORPIO!

    Just keeping an eye on this build. Love liquid cooling!


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    Project SCORPIO!

    Big thanks to mnpctech for their sponsorship. They sent us some fantastic stuff I want to show you.

    First off, check out this fan. I just HAD to have one!

    it's just awesome, and completely matches our mod. Wait till you see where we put it.

    Nest, I always wanted a professional tool for sleeving cables. It was just one of those small purchases that I never remembered to make. Thanks to Bill I now have a set! They are smaller than they look, but very solid quality. I am not afraid at all of breaking these.

    And lastly, I asked for some U-Molding. I have a lot of cuts in this case I would feel better covering for safety. This stuff is very small, perfect. It does not stand out like a sore thumb.

    Thanks again Bill, we owe you one.

    Now, as far as the mod. Believe it or not we have a LOT done. This mod is insane amount of work. Were working on packing all the stuff into this beast. The case is a bit smaller than I had hoped.
    When I managed to get done today was the plexi mount for the 2 Kingston SSD's.

    The center hole is for the light blue LED were putting in it. The SSD's will mount on top of the plexy, which in turn mounts on a piece of aluminum. And THAT then mounts on the side of the 5.25 bays, inside the case. You'll see soon. We can't start assembling until it's painted and we can't paint it until all the cuts are done. You know how it goes.

    We also have the front ready for paint. That took some work. I hate to keep saying "wait and see" as I know the mod does not look very good so far. I really have not given you guys much to look at. But when it starts to come together, it will be done fast. It's the manufacturing of parts, mounts etc that's taking so long. So please, bear with me a bit.
    Till next time...

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