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Thread: AMD to buy ATi

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    AMD to buy ATi

    Did any one else read about this? I guess they are going to to pay somewhere around 5 Billion USD for ATi.

    I guess they are looking into the future about the CPU and the GPU be one chip.

    So what do you think?

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    AMD to buy ATi

    Hmm...At the moment I'm on AMD/nVidia because I've never used ATi. Hmm... If they could get CPU ang GPU onto one chip....maybe it'd be good... I don't really have an opinon on it because I can see both pros and cons.

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    AMD to buy ATi

    Well unless they use magnetic fields those will run pretty darn hot. Still it'd be nice to have amd owning a major vcard manufacturer because the prices will most likely go down cause nvidia to lower their prices as well.

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    AMD to buy ATi

    I think in the long run this move will be good for AMD and ATI. AMD has always had the low market share of processor sales and ATI has been loosing ground on nVidia as well. This shows more in the laptop market as anything else. Intel had better be on the watch because this could mean a big chunk out of their sales in the future. On the good side for us it will mean cheaper processors on both ends. As for a combined chip I don't see it for main stream system in the near future but consol games, cell phone etc. maybe close to that move.

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