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Thread: Theory | By Hannes ~ Hmm, what would work in theory?

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    Theory | By Hannes ~ Hmm, what would work in theory?

    Theory | By Hannes

    Creativity is neither a strategy nor a form of sublimation to deal with madness. Madness is merely creativity thwarted by society, a label created by society in order to imprison its visionaries.

    A brief introduction, an epilogue to the next air-cooled construction. Theory | By Hannes
    will be clearly inspired by Carl Axel Olsson's work. He is a person who meant a lot for my creative develpoment and by that also had Ã* great impact on the person I am today. I will show off some of his works and then also use them in my design of the construction process. I will include much of his style in this building as a tribute to a great mentor.

    The case itself, I will not do much with the outside, Lian Li has just about exact perfection in this chassis, but a lot will be done on the inside. Firstly, I'll powder-coat the inside black. I will be working a lot of revising their designs to something more clean, and then implement the art that I and many others Swedish "västeråsare" grown up with.

    I have some problems with the color scheme of this building and because of that I will not talk much about it yet, but if you have any creative suggestions and I'll be more than happy to hear from you, and reflect a bit about them. My problem is so far that you can't get the sleeves in the color I want to use with this chassis. Sleeve is something that I've seen as a must so far in all my builds, maybe it's time to look for other methods. Or maybe someone *cough* Nils *cough* have some insight on new colored sleeves.

    Traditionally, the enthusiast building always either incredibly impressive with cut-out details or elaborate engravings, or they are classy and almost minimalist with an incredible balance between what is necessary and what is "just for show" with millimeter performance and execution. I will not go away quite as far from it as I've done with the Echo, it is enough with the love-hate relationship between it and me to last a lifetime. No, I will keep the building clean, but also include the influences that I think is needed in computer-building: Sculptures. Sculpting the chassis is something I wanted to wait for until my Singularity build, which will be in an V1010 or V2010, but it's something I think I can implement in this construction aswell, by the inspiration of Carl Axel Olsson's art.

    Even tho I'm quite a bit into the project, there is still work to do, and you guys still have a chance to inspire me.

    Best Regards,

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    Theory | By Hannes ~ Hmm, what would work in theory?

    umm, welcome to Modders-inc about time lol
    This is my home bro, we're WAY more fun here lol

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    Theory | By Hannes ~ Hmm, what would work in theory?

    Hannes, welcome to our forum, what an auspicious first post you've provided.
    I'm quite impressed with not only your level of detail, but also the fact that I can actually read your handwriting!

    Keep up the great work!

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    Theory | By Hannes ~ Hmm, what would work in theory?

    Hey DeviceUnknown. Guess you'll have to give me a tour then. :-P

    Thank you DMCgrath - It's actually a font, but that's only because my Wacom board isn't working. :'-)

    Hey! I have some fan designs for you to think of. This have some alternative mounting. The left piece will be on the inside of the case, while the right piece will be on the outside. The fan will suck air into the case.

    And here's all the pieces.

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