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    Hello guys. Let me first start with saying that I can relate a lot with Bill in the fact that I graduated college at a time where no one is hiring and have drifted into this case modding before I even knew what it was. I have been building PC's for the past 15 years and I always add on some sort of extra or take a look at a case and have some ideas for it. Now, I am at a time in my life where I can devote some time to making those ideas a reality.

    I believe that I came across the pod casts (second one in particular) way back when it was released. Somehow subconsciously I think it has led me to where I am at today. I just recently have moved and during my 20 hour drive, I have found again and listened all the way up to podcast 15 It has made the drive SO much more bearable and it seems the time has gone by much quicker. I am now all psyched about this once again.

    I have operated a business out of my home of course doing computer repair (because it pays some bills) and computer construction. I hope to take this a step further and offer case modding as an option. I just love doing it and building computers is my passion. Picking the right parts to fit the need and now designing / redesigning a case to match is just heaven. Thank you guys for this site and for the enjoyable ride. I hope some day to maybe join you guys on a pod cast.


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    Welcome to the forums! And good luck on your future modding enterprise. Don't hesitate to ask questions or browse the website, there's lots of resources here.

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    Greetings! Welcome aboard!

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    welcome man, I pretty did same thing you did, except maybe on a slightly larger scale lol
    Everyone starts with an idea.
    Can't wait to see some of your work.

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    Awesome, thanks guys

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