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Thread: USB question

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    USB question

    I want make some "mod". I want to power a fan with USB (fan 12V 0.22A), its simple but also in same usb use to connect device, like a phone (HTC Desire Z) which use usb to charging. Does the USB power enough for fan and phone without burning USB? How to make sure I don't burn usb and also there is enough power?

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    USB question

    I will have to check but I thought a USB connection was only about 5 volts DC.

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    USB question

    And I think it only supplies 500mA, so at 12V that'd be 0.2A. Not quite enough for your fan if you used a transformer to up the voltage to 12V.

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    USB question

    USB is 5V, so at default voltage the fan will be lower speed. also if fan draws too many amps it can over draw the port.

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