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Thread: Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    Your paint skills are fantastic! You've really made something spectacular here.

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    Thank you very much dmc, I´m quite the fan of your work so it means quite a bit that you say that : )


    6th Day - Thursday 01-12-11 - Update 2

    This for me is quite simply, the cherry on top:

    Took me about 2 and half to 3 hours to get it just right, to get that look like it´s been stamped on the case rather than painted (in my oppinion aniway), hope you guys like it!

    Tomorrow starts the final day (ends mid-day saturday), and as of now, all the modifying and painting is finished so tomorrow I will be assembling it all togueter (ps: didn´t take pictures but the psu, dvd rw and hd have been painted black, it´s almost my signature thing to paint all possible components so... nothing fancy, just mainly so no ugly grey bits to see through the openings) and taking loads of pictures of the final look which will conclude succesfully the "Mod in a Week" challenge.

    Thanks for reading : )

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    7th Day - Friday 02-12-11

    Assembly took longer than I thought it would but almost there, the following pictures are the process, because I had to remove the HDD cage from bellow to install the monitor´s hardware and hide cables I had to dismantle the memory card reader to take out the pcb and cut the frontal plastic part that goes with it. Once done and used silicone glue to put them togueter and again to attach it to the case (as you will see in one of the pictures), this allowed me to install the hdd where that would normally go (i.e. enough space to do so now). The cathodes are barely visible but are at the top and on the right side. Also due to popular demand, I replaced the cpu cooler with another exactly the same one, modified the 775 adaptor so I could shift it half a centimetre to right so I´d be able to rotate the cooler to a possition where the heatpipes are pointing up and down as opposed to the side so it doesn´t prevent me from installing both modules of ram:

    Now I just have to mount the screen, make sure it works and I can take some sweet final pictures, all done by tomorrow at around 6-7pm gmt+1 in order to meet the one week challenge.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    love the paint great job on that

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True


    Project is now completed however I have ran in to a problem with the mounted screen, it doesn´t seem to be getting power, I´ve checked the usual culprits to no avail and I dont currently own a voltimetre which is unconveniente. Going to dismantle the screen´s hw and test it on a wooden bench, maybe it´s shorting out. Because I want the final picks to show an image I will wait to upload them till I get this fixed between today and monday.

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True


    Fixed the screen, one of the cables must´ve cought somewhere and was damaged, severing the link between the screen´s psu and the lcd panel. So I cut that section off and soldered new cable to both ends, works fine now. Took me hours of looking and trying stuff till I saw the small brake in the cable and of course later I had to put it all togueter in the case again.

    Aniway, I´m knakered and now I have to go some event to be social which I don´t really feel like but promised I would so... Aniway, I will set it all up for a shoot tomorrow to get a nice gallery of final pictures.

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    Final Pictures - Set 1

    Hi everyone!

    Right, as promised, here is a first set of the final pictures. I say first set because I´m not happy with them, light conditions, the need to use flash and reflections on the case by nearby windows, the table (that was a dumb idea) and so on, make the project look different, they make it look shiny (which is not), they distort the colors, you can barely see the green glow, etc

    The point is, because I´m out of time right now I give you these just as a preview of some nicer final pictures which I will take at the modding event starting tuesday. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them : )

    That´s it for now, I´m going to get it ready (install the OS, drivers, and so on, and pack it so it´s ready for tuesday. Once that´s out of the way I will start the final stage on Project: AIO AL and Project: Diabolo in the hopes of having them ready for tuesday as well.

    This concludes the "Mod in a Week" challenge (for the second time, anyone remember my first one or has it been forgotten already? :P) and I hope you enjoyed reading and watching as much as I did doing it.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    How did you do this in a week? It's awesome!

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    thank you very much Fred, by working around 5h a day on it lol :P (it´s my week off)

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    just thought I´d add that Fallout Cause SP won 1st price at the competition (casemod section)

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