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Thread: Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    As promised, set 2 of the final pictures, the ones I consider the true final pictures. As you´ll notice there´s a fan on the cpu cooler, this is because I have just gotten back from the modding event and because it was on 24h for 6 days, I didnt feel comftable leaving it with no cooling whatsoever being on for such a long time.

    Thank you everyone for reading and I can now trully say this project is completed, enjoy:

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    Project: Mod in a Week // Fallout Cause SP (True

    I´ve just started my youtube channel, and with it, a finishing touch to this project, a video-worklog of it, hope you like it : )[/video]]Fallout Cause Video Worklog

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