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Thread: Thermaltake's UGK - a.k.a. Super Snow Trooper Edition

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    Thermaltake's UGK - a.k.a. Super Snow Trooper Edition

    Okay here is the contest schwag I won. Ridiculously amazing case. Couple that with I think the best keyboard on the market and an insanely cool mouse. I already want to clean everything. heheh

    Honestly, I can't say enough about the Meka G1 keyboard as well. You can get the specs off their website; but I'll tell youy the key feeling is sharp and accurate, it's as responsive a feel as an old IBM typewriter without feeling at all antiquated. The Meka G1 is more than willing to stand up to you as you to rage pound the keys during a caffeine and cigarette fueled release after you get fragged.

    Some KB's seem a little soft, and I constantly feel like I need a lighter touch with them. (That's why my main KB is over 10 years old. They just don't seem to make this kind much, anymore.) But the G1 is suitable for the most heavy handed of tappers, while the people that don't mash keys will still find a keyboard that fits their typing needs. You can game on it, and write a term paper!

    The headphones are very comfortable, even on my large cranium. And the ear pieces, instead of mashing on your ears, actually surround them and rest on your skull instead. A key feature when you wear them for extended periods.

    And despite the UGK packaging coming to my door looking like it's been involved in a fracas.

    I can vouch for all the internals being of sound physical condition and working as intended.

    Thanks again to Shannon of:

    And Dewayne of:

    For organizing and sponsoring this contest. You guys rock!

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    Thermaltake's UGK - a.k.a. Super Snow Trooper Edition

    I have to agree with you on the keyboard. At first I was a little disappointed that I didn't win some fancy backlit keyboard with a memory for preprogrammable keys but the MekaG-1 has REALLY grown on me. And believe it or not, improved my game. There's definitely a better response with a mechanical keyboard. I also REALLY like the USB & headset ports in the back. Makes a big difference when setting up your case at a LAN. Just makes things simpler. if they could just include an anticipatory spell checker I'd be in love.

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    Thermaltake's UGK - a.k.a. Super Snow Trooper Edition

    As soon as we develop a keyboard with internal spellcheck i will be testing it as many of you have seen my posts always have "issues"

    I just try to type too fast.

    Thank you so much for showing off that kit, it is a pretty limited release *I cant even get one *

    I have always struggled with keyboards as well. Being a gamer I know mechanical keyboards are the way to go for anyone who mashes and destroys keyboards like I do. not to say standard domes are bad as many can game on them very well but depending on the usage the mech keyboard is the way to go I know it is for me.

    Im glad you like the kit, and everyone else should have their prizes soon as well

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    Thermaltake's UGK - a.k.a. Super Snow Trooper Edition

    Congratulations for the Prizes mate! awesomw stuff!

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