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Thread: your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    Holy crap ...
    Your smart phone is logging EVERYTHING you do ... Every key stroke, every phone number, every web search (even secure HTTPS that's supposed to be encrypted) every text message ... is all logged and sent , all without your control, or knowledge ... to Carrier IQ (who went ballistic when the person went public with this info, threatening him with lawsuit)

    LINK ... Carrier IQ Rootkit Reportedly Logs Everything On Millions Of Phones | PCWorld ...

    Step by step video of what it's sending

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    As amazing horrible as this is to think about. It's true for everything you do on the internet. Somewhere, somewhere and somehow, a server is repeating your inputs, and they are getting recorded and cataloged. You can as your ISP about it, they can tell you every where you go on the web if you bug them enough about it. And I'm pretty sure there isn't a dang thing we can do to stop it either.
    Much like file sharing is too easy to do, so is file tracking.

    Kinda scary.

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    this is at whole different level
    the spyware/rootkit/keylogger is hidden and can not be turned off.. and just whose ULA agreement is this? the phone maker? the Carriers? Carrier IQ's ? is this a wiretap ?
    ... this data is not even encrypted when sent, even data collected from a secure network , and does not need a phone connection or 3G to send it, just using Wi-Fi will allow it

    My disabled girlfriend was/is about to use her banks check deposit app from her phone .. this means that her account number, checking, savings, everything, will be sent to Carrier IQ and not be encrypted ether ... have you ever done any banking from your phone? made any purchases?

    this is a whole new level of scary

    ... the article from Wired ...

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    Nope, I purchase nothing over the phone. But I am of the thought that if someone wants something bad enough, there's little you can do about it anyway, except not make it available in the first place. That whole taking a picture with your phone of a check to deposit it thing seems dicey to begin with. Just take it to a bank for her, they are all over the place. lol.
    Sadly, disabled people are easier targets, I should know, I've been one. You just have to be more vigilant. Or, she does in this case.

    Stay safe!


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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    Yeah, thats what I do, but all the errands on weekends tend to fill all the available time

    I really don't like the thought of all my phone numbers, all texts, all pictures , all websites, are being scanned and sent by a clandestine and hidden program, to unknown people to be used for unknown purposes

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    I completely agree with you. It's despicable and I'm not sure what we as consumers can even do to remove it, short of a class action lawsuit.
    They should re-tailor the service to make it so you can either turn it off, or opt-out, or request to use it. Like a Neilsen ratings box.

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    I agree

    I checked her HTC and it des not have IQRD on it (Verizon says they dont use it)

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    I do not like sneaked programs, hidden in my equipment, doing things that sound unethical ... this data is sent unencrypted, unsecured, and who knows if it's safe from being hacked and used by people OTHER than the police ... you think that foreign countries, or those groups that hold us in contempt wouldn't love to get their hands on this, or do something to disrupt the use of all those cell phones that have this on it ...

    Good comment by oldbrokenlink about Carrier IQ :
    "Another note is that it was mentioned in an earlier article about Carrier IQ that when asked directly if they could us it to read users' text messages, the C.I.Q. rep they were talking to wa...s quoted as saying "yeah we probably could if we wanted to". That certainly sounds to me like information is in fact being transmitted.

    "all the companies involved from Carrier IQ developers to the phone carriers to the phone and OS developers who put it in, the whole chain [are liable]

    can you imagine in a time of war and terrorism these folks are capturing from our elected officials, their staff, military chain of command, soldiers, ect...
    and from what i've read the thing is open to hackers to abuse, can you imagine hackers or terrorists or foreign governments getting this raw feed

    what were they thinking

    i find it disturbing, irresponsible, illegal, immoral, and even dangerous for them to put a root kit you don't know about and can't easily get rid of
    think about it, local/federal police, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, fbi, cia, ect all use cell phones that they use both personally and professionally, and these people have a feed to their phone use, who else can gain access to those feeds or redirect them.

    the most sensitive / secret / sacred material is transfered by these folks and a bunch of nobodies without any clearance are all listening in on it!

    and not just for this country for all countries, the carrier iq folks brag they are on over 114 million cell phones and rapidly growing"

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    your phone is SENDING your every keystroke to Carrier IQ

    Interesting - info - comments
    (note that one commenter is one of the original researchers that found it, and when he questioned Carrier IQ about it , was shut up when they threatened to sue him if he reveled it )

    one interesting comment ... "It is no secret why this app exists it is part of the wire tapping arrangement that the government has with the major phone companies. They are required to build hardware and software tools into their network to facilitate spying on citizens."
    Government back door ?

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