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    Migranes are by far the most painful thing ever and I've had one for the last few days. I've gotten them since i was 5. Anyways was wondering what people do to get rid of them. I usually just go sleep but i hate laying in bed. Any thoughts?

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    My wife and my sister have been getting bad migrans since they were young and all they have ever done was take something for it. I have found that when i get them its lights that cause it and i just close my eyes for awhile or goto sleep like you said.

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    for pain its either sleep it off or pump your self full of drugs

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    ive got some tylenol and benedryl if you need it.

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    I too was a sufferer at one time, get a hot rag put it on your forehead close your eyes and pull on either side of the rag to apply perssure to your forehead. The major cause of migranes is dehydration, its been hot the last few days so im guessing thats what did it in for you. Drink enough water that your pee is clear then drink some more, good luck.

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