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Thread: Where's American Freak?

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    Where's American Freak?

    Haven't heard from him a good two weeks. Anyone know where he is?

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    Where's American Freak?

    DUN DUN DUUUUUUN *I have nothing to contribute*

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    Where's American Freak?

    +1 to this. Hardest time of the year for most people I suspect. Too much going on. Maybe CES upcoming as well as Xmas and all that.

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    Where's American Freak?

    HERE I IS!!

    Sorry guys it has been very, very busy on my side with real life stuff such as work...we got two fist fulls of remodel, upgrades, and repair projects going on at the resort. It always happens around this time of the year as they decide to release a bunch of capital money at the end of the year and of course we have to have it started or completed by the Dec 15th. Sometimes this only gives us as little as 2 weeks to spend as much as a few million dollars. Luckily we normally have everything ready to go and as soon as we even get a hint that the money is going to be released we are on top of it. Oh, then add on top of that it is review time for all my guys so I get busy with writing those and doing them. It is well worth it as I have a great team they all deserve my time and a raise!

    Then add on all the holidays and with CES just around the corner my life becomes a rather busy and time gobbling monster!

    It has been hard to keep up the daily stuff on the site as it has been a one man operation these past few months. Mr.Tazz, some of you may not know, runs the world famous that is the premier site for Power Supplies and it is doing VERY well so most of his time has been consumed with that. I must say that I am very jealous of the traffic that he gets, but when you are the best website on power supplies it very much expected.

    I will admit that I am VERY embarrassed ops: about the lack of picking a Featured Rig of the Month. I promise that this will go back on track and be on time starting after CES. I would like to be able to get the community more involved with this and we need to gather more modders for this. With the help of Thermaltake we have expanded the prize package to two different ones. For those of you that do not know is it a real pain the ass to ship outside of the USA, with that said it kind of narrowed our selections. With the two separate prizes packages (One USA and one Overseas) we now have all the bases covered.

    Plus there have been some other "behind the scene" stuff going on. Some of the stuff you have already seen like the change over of the site colors and some of the links that are at the top of the site. We are condensing and focusing more and trying to get away from all the other misc BS we had been trying to push.

    We have also been looking at our reviews section, and it was "this far" (fingers close together) in my mind to closing down that part of the site. But new thoughts and ideas on how to present our reviews will be happening after the first of the year. We hope to streamline the process on our side to get the information and the reviews out more quickly. And as always if you think you've got what it takes to review and item or two send me a sample of your some work and we can talk about it. :-) . You never know, maybe a new review site from us could pop up this year 0-0 and we will need some reviewers.

    We are always looking for people to help out in small parts on the site or whatever you can help out on. And as you can tell from above that I am always busy doing something, somehow so if it takes me a few days -or longer- to get back with you or to reply. It is not do to you but me, as I might be trying to get some sleep or a bit of R&R :-)

    The podcasts... well that is a rather tough one to talk about. We have tried to keep it on track but we have had a few stumbles these last few months and are struggling to find the groove again. We did do our first videocast and that was fun and we will continue to do that. One of the ideas that has come up is to shorten them to about 30 minutes and to pick a single subject to talk about. The thought behind this is that 1- editing would be SO much easier (It takes a good deal of my time to do this) 2-we could maybe get at least two out a month. The topic may not always be about modding so that would be a nice change once in a while. I would like to get more modders on to the show for interviews and thoughts which would also increase the frequency of podcast.

    This year will also be a big push to bring more case mods and modders to one of our favorite LAN's , QuakeCon.
    I was able to have a brief talk with someone from Bethesda about doing a full fledged modding event. If that does not work out I have also been talking with Ryan over at about joining them and helping out with the modding side of the awesome workshop they do each year. One way or another Modders-Inc will be there and you need to be there too! You need to think about making plans as how to get there and how to bring a mod with you as if it does happen I want to make it big and if this will be the first and only time it happens then it will be the biggest, baddest case modding contest the USA has ever seen.

    There is so much that has been worked on, working on and planning on that I can not put it all here.

    I will say that I am looking forward to the new year and hopefully it will bring some new and re-energized staff to Modders-Inc.

    Thank you my friends,


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    Where's American Freak?

    I can relate to it being "that time of the year" lol. It's the same on the support front as well. Right now I'm in the middle of 3 builds for customers as well as 2 very tough infected OS software repair jobs.

    My "Hello Kitty Hater" mod is about 3/4 of the way done and I'm hoping to get back on the John Deere mod after the Hello kitty Hater is finished. Because of the short timeline, I'll only have finished picks of the Kitty Hater but will try to have a better worklog of the John Deere if I can.

    Add to that having to do a 300 mile round trip to pick up my son for the holidays and a funeral. Whew.

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