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Thread: Check out my website please.

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    Check out my website please.

    I could use some crits and comments on it.

    My code isn't working for the lowest common denominator anymore (ie. Android browser on my phone). It used to, but now it doesn't, lol.

    Any help/pointer I'd appreciate it.

    Happy holidays all.


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    Check out my website please.

    I love your work.
    I think your site does not show it off very well. Black might not be the best color for your background. Your work is colorful, maybe a slate grey would make it stand out more. Make your thumbnails four times as large and use half of them. Have a description underneath explaining what you are looking at. The large frame around it makes me think that there will be something that will fill it, I would fill it, or lose the frame.

    Again you are very talented, keep up the great work. I'm jealous of your 3D skills, as I have none.

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    Check out my website please.

    Great stuff DSC, thanks! I'll mess with it a bit and see if I can come up with something more pleasant.
    My idea behind the black and, the pic sizes, was to code it for people with low bandwidth (and for non-flash users, thanks to Apple). But it's time to move up in the world a bit. Thanks again for the critique!


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    Check out my website please.

    Great work dan, Congratulations!

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    Check out my website please.

    nice looking man great job

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    Check out my website please.

    Very nice. I do like the smaller pics since they are explodable but as DTC said they might be better in a larger mode so they get recognized faster. Potential employers are lazy about stuff like that. And I do think a slate grey might also be in the works too which would better show off your work in general. Perhaps add a black border if you want it to highlight the pics and background better too?

    I do like the setup though. It's very pleasing and direct, most of all is it's super easy to access everything if you want to check the headings. Good job!

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    Check out my website please.

    Cool, thanks guys, I'll have a newer version with a bit more streamlined content up sometime by next year I imagine.
    Coolermaster has me starting a case for them, as well as the KB/mouse combo I'm going to do for Thermaltake, so busy busy busy.

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