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Thread: KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    as i say, it just the begining, not necesary must be as it looks, anyway continue with mouse while kb arrives...

    ready for a red coat... paste the crest and cover from paint the rubber sides and the eyes in front.

    after three thin coats. Its easily go to paint daub the mouse, so need to be careful

    after two days (i wanna be sure of it is completely dry), with some stencils for help, start the Face paint... first the dark red spots below the eyes and the sides; later with black the eye sockets and eyebrows

    finally the pupils, and other tweaks

    now, painting the peak of yellow, when the paint is dry i will stick it to the mouse..

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    Ha! It looks great.

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    sticking the peak to mouse, already painted

    remember de crazy idea? is done! now i have a furious bird with red eyes

    finally the Tt logo, few stencils for paint

    now is done.. time for a rest while kb shipment arrives.

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    Great work!!
    The first thing I tought watching this mouse is,
    well this looks... angry!!

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    It's alive! great paint job!.

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    Looks great!

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    That is an EVIL looking lil bastard!
    Great work!

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]


    finally kb arrives... unboxing


    starting with the fan first, lets build the PigFan!

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    looks good man

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    dude that really looks awesome!!! 8O

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