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Thread: KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    I agree with Monkeyfun!!! We must see finished pics

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    You ask for finished pics? :P

    the last thing to do, was the Slingshot to locate in the other fanplug.

    cutting from a wood piece, and sanded with my RTX

    after that, sandpaper

    To plug, i cut this old conector and put inside the wood

    apply wood sealer, for paint later.


    adding some details

    while i do this, i got a message from Thermaltake, they wanna show my mod in Germany for CeBit so it will be displayed at CeBit due to interest from the enthusiasts crowds from Germany. The only problem, the mod had been send fast for arrives at time, so i dont have other choice than take a final pics faaast and send it :P

    this would look like this

    packing... go to Germany bye bye!

    Hope you enjoy it

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    Great job!

    I still laugh every time I see this but only because it's so cool. I never would of thought up that idea.

    Going to Germany for CeBit? That is really cool too. Talk about a great story to tell all your friends!

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    Nice work!
    I like the graphics on the keyboard and really love that angry mouse!

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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]



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    KbMouse Angry birds Mod [Completed]

    Congrats for the mod and CeBit Show, great work!.

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