The COSMOS II from:
is now available, in some places, like... my house, for example.

After some email correspondence with a rep from CM, they decided that one of my ideas had merit enough to continue forward.

I researched the case as much as I could, it is made from mostly aluminum but the only one I had seen was black, and the one at MaximumPC Magazine, for their Dream Machine, was custom painted hot-rod yellow.

But what to do with this amazing piece of work?

As you may know by looking at my other mods, I'm heavily influenced by architecture.
My Inspiration this time was the Chrysler Building in New York, covered in iconic symbols, the "gargoyle" eagles in particular.

My idea was fairly simple in scope to start with. It honestly was only half-formed.

Doing an Art Deco Themed Eagle wings along the sides of the case was really all I had to go on.
I did have one trick I wanted to flip though, under each wing shelf I wanted to run a series of lights that would shine downward on to the next wing piece. If that drawing makes sense.

Well, in reality, the case was considerably larger that what I had originally thought. And the doors are a fair amount thicker as well. Which will come in very handy. I want to come up with a nifty plan to use one light inside of the case to light up the wings on the outside.