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Thread: Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    Well boys and girls it is time for me to unveil my latest work log.

    All my other mods had to be put on hold for this one as it is a special casae mod for QuakeCon 2006.
    CPU Magazine asked me if I would make a case for them to give away at QuakeCon this year and well how could I say

    I mean this has been one of my dreams and goals for the past few years to be able to make a case with some sort of sponsorship. I wish that ever modder could experience this excitement and pressure.

    So I would like to thank all the compaines that supplied the hardware for the case mod and CPU magazine for getting big $$ items sponsored.

    Cooler Master for the Ammo 533 case, Musketeer 3, and fans.
    Ultra Products for another "One of" power supply.
    Crucial for the 4gigs of Ballistix Tracer Ram
    Razer for the Copperhead mouse, eXactMat, an Armadillo cord holder.
    AMD for the FX-62
    Asus for the M2N32-SLI Deluxe
    Sapphire for the X1900XTX 512MB Video Card
    Logitech for the G-15 Keyboard

    and a special thanks to DT (my son) for allowing me to bounce ideas off of him, for his great suggestions, and artistic eye.

    and one last thing Please Digg this Story!

    On with the mod!

    This is the case I was giving to work with, the Cooler Master Ammo 533.

    Here is a picture CM sent to me of a Ammo 533 modded.

    I think I can top that one.

    After looking at the case and thinking why it was being built (QuakeCon) it was obvious that I should do something about the new id game coming out...

    So after tracking down some screenshots and looking thru them I stumbled upon the answer

    The Ammo case already had the basic shape and well it was the only thing I could find that

    Now you got to remember that I was only able to find about 4 screenshots that even had the radio in them and only two that had a fairly close shot of them. I tried to make the case look like the actual screenshots rather than create my own modded version.

    I don't have all the fancy tools that most top modders have, I have my hands and hand tools.
    I actually kind of like it like this as it really means that I have to create stuff for the mod rather than
    do a CAD drawing and let a machine do the work :-)

    I tore the case down. Luckily I had access to a sand blaster so I sand blasted the parts to removed the paint and prep the surface for painting. This saved me many hours of work.

    Here is my hightech spray booth, a stick with a bent coat hanger. The Arizona heat and sunshine works great for a "Bake-On" finish.

    I will be putting a dark green primer on any item that I will be painting green. I started off with the side
    panel that has the mesh windows. I like to start spraying items along the edges as it is much easier to blend the larger areas into the smaller ones and you will get less overspray into the larger areas. This gives you a much better finish.

    Next I laid a base coat of a lighter green/tan looking paint on the panel. I amhoping this will help me achive the
    dirty faded look of the case in the screenshots later on after I apply the darker gren paint.

    I thought I would try out my idea from above on the trim pieces that go around the mesh windows. If I mess these up all I would have to do it sand them and start over. This would be a lot eaiser than starting over on the side panel.

    I grabbed a block of wood, put some fine sandpaper around it and started to lightly sand the paint off the trim pieces.

    I put on the primer, lighter green/tan paint, and then hit it with the darken green paint.

    Here it is sitting atop of the side panel. You can see that the side side panel and the rest of the case will be darker.
    In the next update I will show you what I did to make the trim pieces look like they have been abused as the whole case will get this "Battle worn" effect look.

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    That is going to be one sweeet mod. Thanks for sharing with us. It's going to be hard waiting for each update but I guess I don't have much of a choice. Knowing what you are capable of doing tells me to stick around and see the tranformation. Happy Modding.

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    Awesome case idea! Amazing hardware in it as well . Good luck, I'll be checking back.

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    Let me jump backwards a bit...I had painted the frames and then added a sliver coat to them as I thought that was like the pictures, but after close study I was wrong. It more of a green color. So you may see the frames painted silver in some shots :-)

    Ok lets jump back to the here and help give the satin finish paint a little less shine I took a cleaning pad and lightly went over the entire trim piece.

    Next I took the magic sanding block and looked at how this side of the case may get hit or damaged.

    I then skimmed the block across it to make the marks. I pressed harder in some areas than other if I thought it would get more abuse.

    The trim piece on the top has not been touched but the one on the bottom got the special treatment.

    I repeated the same steps on the side panels.

    Paint the them...

    Cleaning pad...

    The magic block...

    And how it looks...for now

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    Oh snap! That's some sick painting! Great job . I'd say to keep that kind of quality but I already know you will. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    That's great AF! ... I know how hard it is to make something look old, without making it obvious

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    This looks like its going to be another great mod. Its off to a great start and like so many others I'll be waiting impatiently on the next update.

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    Me too, I am digging this so far!

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    hmmm, I wonder if he is going to be able to update this when he is at Quakecon? I know he has more pics...AF we want more of this awesome mod! :P :lol:

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    Quake Wars Radio Backpack -Completed

    i've seen it in person and it is awesome!

    maybe i'll win it :P

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