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Thread: Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    These are the keyboard and mouse for the mod:

    this is the idea:

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    I recently came the keyboard, so we will start.

    Before you pick it up yesterday after the carrier:

    Opening the box:

    Before losing his innocence:

    and when he started to lose:

    there is no more of his innocence. . .

    . . . despite requesting help:

    retired I needed to remove:

    not even damage:

    ready to remove the red LED

    As I brought the led, switch to make the board of the Tt

    You see it done with the diamond tip to perform in high relief

    rough finish, you see diamond tip was used to skirt, and then the cylinder diamond finish the job

    after having the keyboard sanding proceed to put the LED in question:

    after hearing Mr. dremel, and quiet that rough finish well after the shot.

    welding now with the help of my friend

    the result

    it was the turn of the fan


    and works

    is all for now, soon more modding.

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    nice to see that finally you start with your worklog, it looks very well

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    That's one heck of a start there bro, good job so far. Soon as this crappy weather stops messing with my head, I can finally update mine as well

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    Thanks guys
    Well another small preview:
    check the gear:


    and sand:

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    Any updates?

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    Yes, on labor issues was somewhat late, but here we go:

    sanded keys:


    now the turn of the mouse:

    paint the keys and the mouse:

    another cut

    now the keys

    Changing leds:


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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    Excellent! Changing the font on the keys it's really hard work.

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    Wow! this is turning out rather impressive. I really like the way this is turning out! great job!

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    Centurion - Combo mod [Completed]

    Nice work, sanding and modding every single key... you must have a lot of patience!!
    You modded your nails too!!

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