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Thread: Fulmo - Type R

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Small update.

    Have I mentioned how much I love sanding parts? It never seems to end. Just when you think you've sanded everything you realize you set a part down somewhere and now it needs sanded too.

    So I have begun the primer phase on quite a few parts. I couldn't get the main case primered yet because I have some more cutting to do.

    The plastic parts get a different treatment than the metal parts so it takes a little longer. Plastic has a release agent that needs to be pulled out and cleaned. You can do it by flaming the parts and then wiping down with alcohol or use a plastic prep spray and wipe it down. Then just to be sure, I use an adhesion promoter before I primer. I won't bother showing all those steps = boring.

    I will be removing the grille on the side and replacing it with a window.

    It's the kind that's held in with little tabs which makes it nice, except, where the slots are punched out for the tabs to stick through it's a little different shape. So it needs massaged into shape, or cut it off all the way around. I think I will be heading for the machine shop if I can't get it to cooperate.

    This is the inside of the right side panel. The green is a Primer - Surfacer. It goes on thick and hides sanding scratches real well. So you wet sand it back down and it leaves a perfectly smooth surface for paint.

    The rest of the parts get a nice coat of white primer since they only needed minor scuffing.

    Pretty exciting stuff I know. But if you want to know a secret about awesome paint jobs - It's all in the prep.

    I'm lining up more parts and will update you on those soon. I pulled the psu out of the box and I was blown away. That thing is heavy! Seems to be built to run a small town. I can't wait to start sleeving all the wires... :?

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Nice case and nice theme, I love car themed mod!
    I'm following this build.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Still sanding....

    Why does powder coat have to be some damn tough!!
    It's hard to get a smooth paint job when you have a rough texture powder coat underneath. ops:

    I have more parts on the way.

    I will share what's coming my way so you can have a sneak peak.

    In keeping with the racer theme I found this controller that looks a lot like a speedometer.

    And I want to add some other "gauges" so I'll be using this and I will add more to it. It will measure the cpu and video while it's running.

    I'll put the 2 meters on the outside slots and in the middle I will put this start button.

    That will be the actual power button.

    I have some emblems that I'll use in a couple places - coming from Japan

    I'll be using the Enermax name in big letters running down the left panel next to the window I am putting in. They'll be in red and will really stand out against the white case.

    And on the other side panel I will be putting a huge red sprocket, or whatever you call the logo. Looks like a sprocket kind of.

    Then I will put the various other sponsors names around the sprocket.

    I'm in the middle of more sanding painting right now so I'll have another update soon.


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    Fulmo - Type R

    Back in the modding saddle again. I have way too much going on right now!

    I am about done with sanding and have moved on to the primer stage. I even got some painting finished!!

    Here is the skeleton in beautiful super bright white...

    So now I can start getting parts mounted. 8)

    I have some sponsors kicking in product but I ran into a snag with the mobo. I need one that the 980x will fit into so I'm a bit limited considering it needs to have the red,white,black color combo.

    I'll have more soon. I am not sure how I'll be getting all the cable sleeving done in time. There are so damn many cables! I bought some paracord in red. It's ssssoooooooo nice. Anyone up for a trade for some sleeving work? :?: Seriously..

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Today was a good news day. I have another sponsor...


    They are sending me a Wildfire 120 SSD and a pack of Viper Extreme ram - 24 Gb to be exact :P =1041&type=1 =1077&type=17

    Not only is this stuff completely badass but it also just happens to match the colors of the build!! And will perform to the level I need with all the high end parts I'm using.

    On a sadder note, I am surprised at one major manufacturer who I contacted about using their motherboard. I called and spoke to the rep, and was told to send him an email with details. I have not heard back at all. I sent another email asking for an answer either way so I can place an order if I need to and never heard back at all. It just rubs me the wrong way. Not because I didn't get the parts sponsored, but because they basically chose to leave me hanging. Just seems rude. Maybe I'm just cranky. But now I'm buying an ASUS Rampage 3 Formula board instead. I didn't approach them about sponsoring but I don't have time at this point. [end cry]

    So on to the show...

    I am happy to be finishing the paint up. I really love this white a lot. It just seems so clean.

    I brought some more parts into my office to drool on.

    and I put a few on the frame. Now it's starting to take shape.

    I had a minor paint boo-boo on the top bezel and I will just re-spray the whole thing since it's easy to work with.

    I picked up some material for a really really cool window that I'll be installing soon.

    And I got all my stencils ready for the logo's and lettering I'll be doing in red paint.

    Sooo, it's coming together.


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    Fulmo - Type R

    I have a little more painting done, and I ordered the last of my hardware today. :P

    I had planned to head down to my buddy Greg's machine shop to beg him to let me use the mill to cut the window out of the side panel. But, I already had enough stuff laying around to just slam it out in my shop.
    I made a template out of wood and routed it out. It only took about 20 minutes for the whole process and it came out perfect.

    If you've never made a template it's a lot easier than you might think. You put a piece of plywood down that's a bit bigger than the side panel. I use 24" x 24" pieces.
    Then you get some 1" X 2" wood strips and cut them so the fit under the side panel and prop it up off the plywood like so -

    Keep them as close to the area of the hole as possible. These support the edge of where you are cutting and will help keep it clamped tight.

    So then you cut a square hole in another sheet of plywood ( or 3/4" particleboard ) and lay it exactly where you want your window. Then take some long screws and screw them in through the top piece and into the bottom piece as close as you can to the edge of your case panel. This will clamp the the panel down and now you have a template.

    Then you take a router with a straight bit that has a flush bearing and you go around the edge. It trims the metal off, leaving a nice smooth cut edge.

    You might think you would need to round the corners of your template to get the rounded corners for your window. But no! The router bit and bearing are round so they hit the inside corner but can only leave the shape that the bit is. So if it's a 1" diameter bit, you will get that radius, if it's a 1/2" diameter bit, you will get a smaller radius. Easy!!

    So then sand the sharp edges scuff it all up and clean it. Then Primer that new panel!

    Remember, it does not have to be a square window. You can get creative and do a round one ( Like a ship portal window. ... Ohhh mod idea? ) or even a totally odd shape.

    I have a bunch of stencil work to do on this soon. As soon as I find the perfect red paint. I will be adding the Enermax name and logo to several places on the case. I also will now be adding Patriot to the case as a great sponsor.

    So much to do. But I will admit... I love it. 8)

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    Fulmo - Type R

    I received a package from Patriot today....

    Some Viper Extreme ram and a Wildfire 120 SSD :shock: 8)

    Thank you so much to them and Scot specifically. They really do support the modding and gaming community. I know that when I make purchases I always think about who supports us and I buy from them. When they give, we must give back. 8)

    I fixed my paint boo-boo on the top panel and assembled it. It's starting to take shape!!

    Notice all the controls are gone? No power button, reset, usb, etc? They are being "relocated". Here is a shot of where they were -

    I filled the holes and smoothed out that section.

    and most important - my boy Truman approves ...

    Either that or he's wishing I would mod a fire hydrant one of these days. :P

    Now it's time to tear apart the psu for the same white paint, and a ton of fans that will also get painted white. They had fans that were white already but wouldn't you know it they discontinued them right before I needed them!

    I've got some paint on the door with the window cut-out and will be making a window for it tomorrow. It will have a cool window treatment that should really set it off.

    I've got all my stencils ready to go and my red paint is standing by for logo's and lettering.

    And I'll be attempting a tricky little job making some cool racing stripes out of acrylic square bar.

    Why do all my mods seem to consist of things that are experimental.. :?

    Hopefully you guys learn from it and are like...screw that!! Leave the headaches to me.


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    Fulmo - Type R

    Lots done this weekend.

    I am working on all the extas that needed painted white.

    DVD drive, fan controller, 9 fans, etc.

    I pulled the new fan controller out of the box and tore it apart. I sprayed it with the matching white/red combo.

    and the DVD player but I think I'll spare you the pic. I think you can visualize a white DVD burner.

    I took apart the Platimax PSU and was very impressed instantly at how well built it is. It's a modders dream because it pulls completely apart without have to snip wires or remove solder! And it's a 100% modular unit so the wires for the 24 pin are not there either. I love it! I may only buy these from now on. It's so easy to paint it now. Thank you Enermax!

    When you look at the case you can see the gray strips that run down the top and front on both sides. THey look cool, but I didn't care for how the had a flat spot. I took them out and I am replacing them with 1/4" acrylic square bar. They will now sit down flush and I will match the contour of the case.

    Here's the bar before I took my heat gun to it.

    This pic is kinda bright but I think you can see it now inside the grooves. I will be painting these red so it will look like a set of double racing stripes.

    I started on the fans too but I ran short of white paint and primer. I have these things all taken apart to make it easy and lucky for me you can snap the fan right off the housing! Thank you AGAIN Enermax. Much love

    And then I also have the logo and name painted on the side panels. Still curing for a sand and buff but it looks great. The red is perfect and it just pops.

    I also did the Enermax name on this side panel but I guess I forgot to take a pic so I will later. But here is a shot of it with the window cut out..

    More soon. I'm exhausted . Bye.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    More progress on this - good and bad.

    First the bad.....

    I am in such a rush and jumping back and forth that I am making stupid mistakes now. Only on mine Govtman, not yours, so don't worry.. lol.

    One thing that is critical with paint is making sure you wait till things are cured completely before you start adding other colors or artwork where you might need to mask things off. ie. tape and soft paint = really bad.

    I had all my fans painted white and looking really nice. Then I masked them off and stuck my stencils to them to paint the logo on the center of each fan. It looked really sweet...... until I pulled the tape off and the paint went with it! :evil:

    And this was on top of the sticker that is on the fans covering the hole so of course now I had to sand this paint off which means it tears the sticker. So you have to peel that off and now there is a hole. F-me.
    So I peel the stickers off and decide to paint over the fans again but only I get in a hurry and put too much on so it wrinkles all the paint on the blades. Now I get to somehow remove paint from all the fans. Argh.

    Problem #2 - I went to mount the Engine Start switch into the center hole of the digital readout panel and guess what.... it's barely too big. So it looks like it wasn't exactly the size as advertised. So now I get to scramble to find a new switch that will hopefully fit.

    So this ---vvvvv

    Plus this ---vvvvv

    Equals no fit!!

    Ok I'm done crying..

    On to the good stuff.

    I let the bars dry over night that I made for the accent strips and they look nice.

    I couldn't wait to try them out!


    And with the panels on and the feet -

    I stood back and stared for a few minutes admiring it. It's exactly like I saw it in my head. But only I love it even more. It's bright, bold, and sporty.

    You may notice the Enermax name is offset from top to bottom. That is so I can add the "Type R" emblem underneath.

    So this really made my night much better. And I'm done working for the night and it's not even 3 a.m. yet. :roll:

    You like?


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    Fulmo - Type R

    Love the red and white combination, great work, I really like it!!
    Just one thing, the Enermax logo on the side is too big for me, I would have done it a little smaller, but that's only my opinion, again congrats on your work!!

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