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Thread: Fulmo - Type R

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Love the red and white combination, great work, I really like it!!
    Just one thing, the Enermax logo on the side is too big for me, I would have done it a little smaller, but that's only my opinion, again congrats on your work!!
    Thanks attix.

    I wanted the logo to be big and bold in your face kinda since this is a sponsored build.

    More good progress -

    But first! Sometimes I swear I could hug the UPS driver....

    Ohhh good stuff!

    I had to go to plan B for the power button since my Engine Start button was too big. I threw in a stainless vandal switch. I have the 2 power meters on the outsides. And of course it was also painted white.

    Here is a pic of what the front looks like with all the stuff in it -

    Pretty clean and simple. Once it's powered up it will look awesome with all the digital readouts.

    I sanded down the fan blades and repainted them. I never want to do that again.

    I repainted the side panel that had the Enermax name on it because I wet sanded it to buff it and one of the letters burned through.

    I have a guy making me decals to apply rather than fight this paint. I'll get those tomorrow and apply them.

    I will start mounting hardware tomorrow as well.


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    Fulmo - Type R

    Nice work bro! Great log!

    What kind of bit were you using on that router to make your template?

    Congrats on the sponsorships! They always help!


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    Fulmo - Type R

    Nice work bro! Great log!

    What kind of bit were you using on that router to make your template?

    Congrats on the sponsorships! They always help!

    I think for this one I used a 1/2" diameter straight bit. I use Bosch bits usually since they seem to last a little longer. Damn things cost a fortune though.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Well I took it to PDXLAN in Portland and finished up a lot more work. I had a large crowd around me for quite a while. Everyone loved the color. I installed the fans and all the hardware so I could check it out all lit up.

    It looks really awesome in the dark too!

    I still have to do all the sleeving and add some sponsor names but I am very close to being done. I will be changing up the window a little too. I used some mirrored tint but it's not mirrored quite enough. I wanted it to look like a mirror with the power off and then when I turned on the case lights you can see through it into the case.

    Here are a bunch of pics -

    For the sleeving, I am using red paracord. It has a great look to it. I'm working on that right now.

    Thanks for watching.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    seeing this at PDXLAN was a real treat... it looks pretty awesome bob

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    Fulmo - Type R

    seeing this at PDXLAN was a real treat... it looks pretty awesome bob
    Thanks bud.

    I didn't see you much. Kinda hoped you would have hung out with us a little more. I know it was busy and hectic though.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Well it's about time I get this thing finished up!

    I've been delayed with so many things I don't know where to start with all the excuses I have.

    I do plan to have this about finished this weekend.

    I have almost all of the sleeving done. I used red paracord. This is a pic of it before I clean it up and tie it off.

    I installed a different power button. I got one with a red ring that glows.

    I popped in a couple vid cards just to fire it up and get everything tested. I am still needing to get a couple new cards. I would love some 680's but we'll see.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Well I got more done than I thought I was going to in such a short amount of time.

    I was able to complete my wire management, add lighting, swap video cards, box in the optical bay, and put the side panels and racing stripes back on.

    I still have a few little things to do like make a new window, and I will be getting new video cards and I'll most likely mod those to match.

    Here are a few pics -

    This one shows the inside looking clean. I boxed in the optical bay area to smooth it all out and hide stuff. I just used some acrylic and painted it white to match.

    I played with the lights a little. I am using RGB LED's and so I can switch to any color. This pic shows the red.

    Then I put the side panels on and played with the white light.

    It looks really bright inside. I can dim them down with the remote if I need to.

    This pic also shows how the optical bay area looks cleaned up.

    I'll be getting the window done and then I will need to add all the sponsor names to it.

    So close!!!

    Oh ya and I was dying to see what score I would hit with this hardware - - - - -

    That will work!


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    Fulmo - Type R

    I got the window installed.

    I used a piece of clear acrylic but I tinted it with mirrored chrome film. It looks like a mirror with the lights off inside but when you switch the lights on then you can see inside like normal.

    Here are some pics from my phone.

    Here it is with lights off...

    Lights on..

    Still mirrored a little depending on the outside light but you can see through it pretty good.

    You can also see I painted the video cards white to match.

    I'm getting some decals made right now for a few spots and a couple other little things will be added but I'm 99% done.

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    Fulmo - Type R

    Stopped by my local sign shop today and picked up a few decals.

    The fun part is getting them on there right the first time.

    I wanted to put something on the drive bay area since it had so much plain white space. Not that I didn't like how clean it was but I do have some sponsors to show off. Since this area is pretty close to where all my Patriot stuff is it makes sense to get their name on there.

    I don't think they really have a racing team but since this is a tuner car inspired build (sort of) I had to add the word "Racing" to it!

    I used a frosted clear decal for the lower right of the window so it looks sandblasted. This is the official Patriot Memory name. It will show great when I turn the lights on.

    I added a couple other things you might notice in this pic.

    I'm basically done I think? Now it's off to clean it and get some good photo's..... and then play with it!

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