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Thread: Concrete Steel

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    Concrete Steel

    This is to be my first stab at a complete "built from scratch" mod. The topic title says it, if you haven't guessed. It will be made out of concrete.

    To start with, I'm a concrete contractor currently not working because of the winter weather and economy, but I won't go there. Hehe. I got the idea about 2 or 3 years ago and did nothing about. For one, new to the mod thing, secondly, time and money, and thirdly would be faith in myself. I've followed quit a few of the guys here and on other forums around the net and have taken a lot of mental notes.

    I was searching around the net to find out if someone else had tried or done one and found one over at "TBCS" forums linked here. I found it to be very cool for sure. I even had a double entry in posting, must of had a brain fart or something.

    Anyways, the last few days I've been tinkering in my little garage building forms and etc... I have some pictures for you all to look at and please comment on.

    Thanks, and enjoy.

    I 45'd the corners then sanded.

    These are 2' by 4' 1/2" and 3/4" sheets of insulating styrofoam..

    Started lay out of block outs for i/o plate, psu, and a rear fan.

    Back side of mobo tray, these will be 3 windows about 2" by 14".

    Top center 120 mm fan.

    Side panel window block out.

    More to come.



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    Concrete Steel

    As promised, more photos, enjoy.

    Side panel block outs with 1/4" ply "stuff", used for window insert.

    Side panel window block out with 1/4" ply stuff used for window insert.

    Caulking I used.

    Side panel block out attachment.

    Fan block outs.

    Rear i/o panel block out.

    All attached, front view.

    And the back side.

    Outside forms starting to be screwed together.

    And the top form on.

    Lastly a look inside.

    Thanks for looking,


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    Concrete Steel

    This could be a seriously great case. Of course, it's going to be insanely heavy. What are you intending to do for strengthening it? I don't see any skeleton in there (perhaps that's next and I'm jumping ahead).
    I know limited pour pieces of concrete, like cinder blocks, are pretty strong by themselves. Is that a different mix?

    I'm always pretty inspired by architecture in my mods, someday I may end up using concrete, but to a limited degree I think.

    I'll be looking for this one and hopefully I'll learn something along the way.

    Good start so far, good luck!

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    Concrete Steel

    Well, failure.

    I guess it's all my fault. I should've known better with the mix design and re-enforcement. But, on the bright side of things, it's a lesson learned once again and I have another idea on how I'm going to get-r-done.


    This is it.

    This is it after.

    So, I'm upset. but like I said, lesson learned. Oh well.

    Give me a couple of days and I'll have something else for ya. Better.


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    Concrete Steel

    Sorry for not keep you all informed on this. Since it's winter I typically do not get any work, but I just finished a re & re of a stairwell so now I can get back to this. I'll post some updates soon.


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    Concrete Steel

    What kind of concrete was that?? It looks like red-bodied clay, or did you add some dye?

    Have you thought about doing an exposed aggregate look? Might be kinda cool and it wouldn't have to be perfect.

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    Concrete Steel

    I have faith in you! MORE CONCRETE CASES*!

    (*this message sponsored by the Society of Modder Who Can't Lift Their Cases)

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    Concrete Steel

    @ BOBDBONE... I had some left over concrete color from some jobs and decided to try to see if I like the color. Not sure if I'll go with it or not. I do know that I've been thinking about using my texture mats to stamp the new case. Doing an exposed agg look would be really cool though. Got me gears turning now. Thanks.

    @MonkeyFun... ROFL. Love the ad.

    Thanks Guys,


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    Concrete Steel

    Well, here's an update for you all. Been a while I know.

    Yesterday I poured the new concrete case. This time I did each panel separately. I actually did only four sides out of the six because I wanted to lessen the weight of this beast a little and get some steel into it as well. So, I now have right and left panels as well as top and bottom. Two panels out of four have windows in them, the other two do not. But all four have some mounting holes so that this creation may be bolted together. The back side of the windowed panels have a recessed ring around the window so that the plexi will fit flush to the inside. All four panels also have wire mesh re-enforcement running through them. Currently, the concrete is curing in my garage under a concrete blanket with a small heater running to take the chill off. This go around I am not going to strip the panels out of the mold for at least one week if not more. I learned my lesson last time. I should have known better too. Oh well. So, without further ado, here are the pics I took.


    Pictures here show the concrete just poured and floated off.

    Pictures here show concrete all finished and edged with an 1/8" radius edger.

    The concrete mix that I used was a 80# bag of Sakrete found here. I used the entire bag.

    Each panel is 1" thick. The right and left panels are 20" by 20" and the other two panels are 10" by 20". The top and bottom panels will fit inside of the larger panels and sit on another recessed area on the top and bottom.

    Thanks for looking and the interest you all have in this en devour.


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    Concrete Steel

    Ooooooooo! Daaymmmmm.... thats gonna be a heavy beast! Best of luck on this! I think you are treading into new ground here!


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