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Thread: Concrete Steel

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    Concrete Steel

    So you've already used 80 pounds of concrete?!?!?

    Wow, I have tons of respect for you and your back. I also hope you have a dolly handy, or, even better, a heavy service platform with some wheels or something. It'd still be nice to move it around once in a while when you add/remove hardware.

    Looking great so far.

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    Concrete Steel

    Thanks dmcgrath. My intent on this project was to have a computer in the garage when we finally move, when ever we move. But for will see how it goes. Ya it'll be heavy, I have an idea for handles / wheels. A lot of doodling right now while I wait for it to cure out for a week or more.


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    Concrete Steel

    Well, short update lost of pics. Stripped the panels after ten days under a concrete blanket with a heater.

    So, as you can see I've been a little busy. Now I have to shape the angle brackets, make up my mobo tray holder, psu mounting, HD mounting, and DVD/CD mounting. I have contemplated on turning this monster into a water cooled beast. Will have to see.



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    Concrete Steel

    This is awesome.

    On a side note, I remember seeing a tv program, years ago, about cinder blocks that were impregnated with those tiny styrofoam balls. It kept it's strength and reduced the weight of the block by as much as 50%. Too bad that's not a publicly available item. That would make for a kind of neat idea as well.

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