Hiya All, I would like to Introduce Myself and hoping i fit in well her at Modders Inc. I have been Modding Pc's and everything i get my hands on for many years now.I guess i started way back when i was a little kid tearing electronics,Motors Lawnmowers anything i could get my hands on apart.Next i went to High School and went right into Automotive and also took 2 years in Machine shop.By this Point i was hooked on Modding anything.If it was stock it was getting torn apart.So my Career started actually in building Custom Cars a T Bucket from scratch while in school to be exact.I made just about every part i could and designed them all.This ended up getting me recruited by a Local Hotrod shop in the town i live in and from their i opened my own Custom shop at 17 years old.I followed this field for roughly 9 years and quickly got bored (Although i still repair cars now on the side for extra cash.
Now the funny Part is how i actually got into Computers years ago.I ended up going to work for a Semiconductor Company and met a friend there that told me something funny.He knew i was into Drag racing and running Nitro's through my engine's etc. He said to me "Overclocking is like running NoS and Benchmarking is like drag racing" Well that was all i needed to hear ans i was off and running.I started Back with old Pentium 4's and Celerons because they were the newest greatest thing at the time.My IT friend taught me everything he knew and i ended up passing his knowledge really fast because i had a massive Passion for it and Cars were completely out of my mind from there on.I remember building my own Crude cooling blocks and using Heater cores and Dirt bike radiators to cool my first custom builds.I am talking maby 15 to 20 years ago,I cant remember exactly.I do remeber a little while later when you could buy and run the first 64 bit Cpu and 1 gig of ram was unheard of and cost 369.00 was back then.I think my Cpu single core was around 600. and a video card was even crazier at like 800.
Anyway ever since those days i have continued to Build Custom Pc's Ever since.Getting better on every build trying to top the last. I only recently started joining forums and sharing (Roughly 2 years ago) I joined OCN and have won a couple Awards there this year.The Best Modded Nzxt Phantom contest prize package and right now i just won the Mod of the Month 2012.So i am starting to take it seriously now and working on building allot of new Modding tools.

Anyway i am hoping i fit in great here because i seen some of the incredible Modders on this site and am very excited to get to know allot of you.

I am not rich, and till this point have not been sponsored on any builds yet.Although i do currently have a couple Sponsors and also a couple more lined up for my next build if i decide to use them. (Not sure if i am going to go Sponsored or just keep going the way i have been). I work out of my house in a little shop i made in my backyard.Very small shed 8' x 10'. Lol usually i use the Kitchen floor or i also have some space down my basement setup to do some work.Just in the last couple weak's i got use of a little machine shop every once in a while when the guy has time to have me over.This was after i built my newest build called Venom. So Venom was all done with hand tools.In my tiny shed.

I am a 39 year old fart (But feel around my 20s) I live in the USA Eastern Coast. I have a wife and 3 Children 1 is my Son with Cerebral Palsy,Autism,and a bad Seizure Disorder.So i chose to leave a great Job to be home helping care for him which gives me Allot of time for Building Custom Pc's . I work from a very small budget and either selling my build parts or complete builds to fund the next project.So basically i do the best i can for what i have.Sure i would be running the very best Equipment if i could and i am slowly getting there by slowly trading or selling what i have built.So my hardware is pretty much the top stuff but for instance you wont see quad 7970's in my builds.Lol at least not for a while.

Here is My current Build that NZXT found and posted on their site with My permission: http://www.facebook.com/nzxtcorp

My build Log for Venom they also have Listed on there site.

Well i feel like i just wrote a book but i wanted you all to get to know me and this was the place to introduce myself.I am very serious about this site and plan on spending allot of time here.

Cant wait to get to know you guys.