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Thread: Project Rakkasan

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    Project Rakkasan

    I couldn't really think of a snazzy project name for my first mod so I figured something witty would get the job done just as well.

    Overview: Like I said, this'll be my first mod. I don't have much of a paint theme decided, yet. I do know I want to keep a majority of the case black and I'll either paint the chassis black, also, or whatever secondary color I decide on. I plan on shortening most of the power wires and cabling all of them (black) but I'm not sure what to do about the bright orange sata cables.

    Goal: A clean, simple case that'll run wireless internet and be a F@H, HTPC, and basic usage PC. PC will be run 24/7, so airflow and low temps is important.

    Motherboad: Zotac H55ITX
    CPU: Intel i3-540 3.06GHz
    Memory: Mushkin Enhanced (2x2gb) DDR3 1333'
    Hard drive: Primary: Toshiba 160gb 2.5" (laptop hdd) Secondary: Samsung 1tb 3.5"
    Optical drive: Samsung OEM Slimline DVD Writer
    Case: Ark Mini-ITX case

    Problems and solutions:
    Cheap side window = replace it with 1/8" acrylic.
    Extra power cables = cut in half and remove access, solder bare wire together and heat shrink.
    PSU fan (mounted on bottom of PSU) blows directly onto motherboard with a majority hitting CPU's hot air from the fan = Unsure. Have a few ideas. Either a bit of aluminum to channel the PSU hot hair out the rear vent (above I/O in rear); flipping the PSU over along with the switch and power cable plug so everything on the outside is "right side up" and cutting a blow whole above it; mounting an appropriately sized fan blowing out, bringing the heat with it, mounting a bit of aluminum underneath it parallel with the bottom of the PSU (blocking the heat of the CPU) but still pulling in some air OR mounted fan blowing out with bottom blocked off (probably with acrylic and a few LEDs for effect) and some extra holes cut into it to help bring in more air.

    Onto the picture of the case with hardware installed...

    Left side of shell. That's a cheap plastic that, when I first got it, I nearly put my hand through it. That'll be replaced with 1/8" thick acrylic. Unsure of whether I want clear, smoked or what. But I will be tapping/threading the acrylic so that those holes and screws will be used again. Also will save me from having to sand and paint the shell.

    Front of case. Two usb ports, audio out and headphone in jack, power and reset switch. The mesh (which is kind of hard to see) acts as a grill with a pattern similar to <<<O>>> cut out behind it with a blue 80mm fan attached to it.

    Rear of case. Can see all the ports and the two antennas. You can also see how there's no fan mounted to blow hot air out of the case...something I want to remedy but still undecided on how, exactly, I want to do this.

    You can see the extra length of wire for such a small case (I ranted about that...mostly to myself).

    Right side, showing hardware and case...and the extra length of wire.

    Left side, showing hardware and case...and a hair dryer.

    I know it's quite a bit that's not settled and what not...but this'll help me clear up my thoughts and figure out what I want to do, exactly. Next update will be Sunday, since I'll get paid Friday, buy me a dremel, heat shrink and order some stuff online (also stopping by an acrylic place and asking for scrapes).

    I'm open ears for suggestions and pointers.

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    Project Rakkasan

    So, I know where I'm going to go with this. My Grandfather fought in the Korean War, while I barely knew the man (he died when I was 5) he still raised me a bit when I was younger, so I'd like to pay homage to him and part of what he did. In Korea, he was a paratrooper (187th Infantry Regiment.) and the case is going to take the theme of the regiment he served with. There colors were blue and white, so the case shall be blue and white. The chassis and PSU will be painted black but shell and silver area on the front will be white, the rest of the front will be blue (I may keep the grill black). Going to put blue cold cathode lights in the case.

    On the side window, I plan on etching this:
    The regiment was nicknamed "Rakkasan" by the Japanese. It means "Falling Under Umbrella Men" since a translator wasn't sure what to call paratroopers in Japanese when the 187th occupied Japan at the end of WW2. The torii is a symbol for them, since they occupied Japan for quite some time.

    I got the sleeving in a day or two ago and tomorrow I'll start working on the PSU. Will also buy paint, heatshrink, sandpaper, etc. In sort of a funny/odd tribute, I'm using his 20 some odd year old dremel to do the cutting and my step dad's variable to do the etching. Learning experience, here I come.

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