So with the last couple mods I've done going out the door, I'm left with no new mods to show and a LAN quickly approaching. Sure I could bring TRON again, but that was so.... last year. I need to bring something new! So I decided to resurrect one of my old projects.

I present one of my first mods I ever did: Sideview!

Some of you may have seen it before, in my case gallery. I built it in 2004 just so I could save some desktop space so my 4 other buddies could fit their rigs on my table when we had our little gaming parties. It features a 19" Samsung monitor fully integrated into the side. I believe it had a SOYO Dragon motherboard with an old Athlon processor, and a Radeon 9800XT video card in it. Mid range hardware back then, but decent enough to play Call of Duty:UO (my game of choice at the time).

To breathe new life into this thing, obviously I need newer hardware. So I'll be installing a new X79 motherboard from EVGA, sporting an Intel Sandy Bridge E processor, along with an EVGA GTX560 Ti graphics card. I don't have much time, but I'm going to see if I can wc the cpu. I think I can fit a 240 rad in the front of the case by removing all the HD cages. Don't really need them since I'll be using a Crucial 128Gb SSD, and a slot-loading DVD drive.

Here are a few more pics of the case in it's original state:

These were flip-down feet I grabbed off an old XT keyboard lol.

Elegant brushed aluminum drawer pulls from Lowes.

Needed something to keep the monitor level while it was open...

Relocated the monitor controls to the front of the case.

I'll try to dig up some work-in-progress pics and post 'em up for a brief look at how I originally built it.