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Thread: Thin Metal Laminates / Special FX Chrome Paints

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    Thin Metal Laminates / Special FX Chrome Paints

    Alsa Corp has this metal laminate, self stick sheeting , bonded to lexan , flexable ... Chrome - Copper - Aluminum - Gold ... Mirror or Brushed finish ... Use it for ? .... you know that if you have it , you'll make something with it : )
    ... Alsa Corp.

    They also have paints that have to be seen to be believed ...
    MirraChrome ... check this paint out and tell me if you can see any difference between this and Chrome Plating ...
    ... MirraChrome

    Exposure Paint
    ... that changes color depending on the temperature ...
    ... Exposure Paint

    Alsa Corp Product Sample Packs ...
    ... Sample Packs

    I found a place to purchase smaller quantities of that Alsa Corp. Special effects Paint at ...
    ... Kustom Rides

    Easy Colors
    , a company that is in Brasil has some very nice special effects/chrome paints (thank you Ulysses_d)
    ... Easy Colors
    ... Video of Chrome 11 ...


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    Thin Metal Laminates / Special FX Chrome Paints

    lol you got a link for just about everything..

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    Thin Metal Laminates / Special FX Chrome Paints

    Candy Concentrates are the KOOLEST!!!!

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    Thin Metal Laminates / Special FX Chrome Paints

    I have used MirraChrome and it is not all that. I will post some pics next week of what I did. For $250 a pint I say no! I am glad some else paid for it. As for the reactive metal coatings...according to my PPG is not ready for prime time. Most of what is on the market has either adhesion, durability or cost issues. If I get someone that request a chrome laptop or something I will report.

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