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Thread: Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    Hiya guys i am not sure if you seen Venom or not but its a Modded NZXT Phantom that won MOTM at and was Featured on NZXT's Website. I decided to make a bunch of changes and add more case Mods and System mods including cooling changes,Case rework and some hardware changes.So i guess we can call this Build Log "Venom Revised"

    I will start by Showing the Stock NZXT Phantom Case i started with.Then i will show Venom as she sits now.I will also add a Link to the original build Log so you can see the work to get venom to the point its in when i started this Log.I will Also be including Venom's Specs of right now and some current Benchmarks and stuff to that nature:

    New News !! Mayhem jumped on board and is helping me with Sponsoring :"Venom Revised"


    First off Here is Venom now:

    And here is the Stock NZXT Phantom (White/Black with Blue LED's including the fan controller and power buttons came with blue LED's)

    Its Valentine's day so need to spend some time with the Wife Like i hope you guys are also doing

    Will Edit this soon and add more.

    Stay Tuned! , MybadOmen

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    I like the old one a ton. Really vivid coloring. And fantastic execution on the mod. I will watch this one for sure.

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    Update here is what i am starting to work on.It looks like a simple box but if all goes right it will be something really cool and clean the case up a bit.

    The Bending tool you see me using i built myself. I got the use of a friends Shop one weekend.Damn i wish i had use of that shop all the time! Anyway check out the build log of the tool here:

    Ok here we go lets get started :

    One of my Favorite tools,The Pizza box. Stained and all

    This will give you guys a little idea of what i am doing but there is going to be allot added to it if all goes well.No fancy tools at home so its Jigsaws,Dremels and files for this mod.

    To be Continued !

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    bending brakes are AWESOME! Looking forward to the update! Like the idea so far!

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    I made the Bending brake and there is a smaller on mounted on the other side i also made that does a tighter radius. Here are some other small updates.Had a hell of a time welding the metal even on low power it was blowing through but its not a problem i will fix it up when finishing it off.But heres another update.Shop is a friend of mine's and i get to use it once in a while but not much.

    I dont want to give the whole thing away yet but keep watching theres still tons to do on this little Box.

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    More Update's and Mayhem will be jumping on board to help sponsor the new "Venom Revised"

    Just got done cleaning the box up and Priming it with a HVLP gun and auto Primer. So waiting on it to dry before moving on.

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    Didn't get much done today on Venom Revised. I had to build a Quick i5 Gaming rig for my cousin.But i did manage to get the PSU cover all sanded and primed and its starting to look pretty good:

    Today's Progress:

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    Sorry no new updates in the last few days. Just plans on builds changed around a bit so i will be posting a new Sponsored thread shortly with Mayhem still included and a few more names but it wont be this build.Will still work on this build also but it wont be going as far as i thought because all my time needs to go into the new on that you will see soon. (Hopefully Within a Weak or so ) So keep checking back Venom is not dead yet Actually new parts on the way for Venom now.But main Focus will be the new build.

    Thanks Guys MybadOmen

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    Sorry Guys this Revision build Will be on Hold for a little while as i am doing 2 other builds at the moment.And they are my "Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build" that has a Deadline of end of may and is going to be a huge project.

    Also since my Father in law and Close friend Just passed away last week i got a PC he bought off me a while ago and i plan on making it a Memorial Builds dedicated to him.

    After those 2 are Done i will be back to building Venom Revised!

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    Build Log Venom Revised (More of a rework Log)

    Sorry to hear about your loss. What a great idea about creating a Memorial Build.

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