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Thread: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    After how well my last Build "Venom" went over allot of great things have happened for me ,and this is one of them.This is the beginning of my new "Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build" I have set a deadline of Mid to the End of May so keep checking back.I will be putting my whole heart into this build, so it should get really good.

    The Victim of this Project! The new NZXT Switch 810

    First off i would like to thanks my Sponsors for supporting me with this build. Without them this project would not be possible.

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    The NZXT Switch 810 arrived today thanks to the good folks at NZXT ,and i was highly impressed! Pictures do this case no justice at all.I could drop a nice Water cooling Setup or Air setup with ease and be good to go.But if you know me then you know its getting chopped up

    Here is the Beauty in black the NZXT Switch 810:

    And here She is an hour later.Need to wait for more parts before can break it down further.There's no doubt my son has my blood and a passion for Modding also.

    Keep checking back should get good!

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Cards and Blocks are both here.I had one of these Card and was going crazy to get a second one.Finally found one.

    So for GPU's i will be running:

    2 (Reference) Powercolor HD6970's in Crossfire
    2 EK Radeon HD6970 Block's - (EK-FC6970 Acetal + EN (Nickel)
    2 EK Radeon HD6970 RAM Backplate's - Black (EK-FC6970 Backplate - Black)
    1 EK-FC Bridge DUAL Parallel 3-Slot
    2 EK-FC Link R48X0/58X0

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    I'm gonna be watching this one like a hawk for several reasons. Really looking forward to whatever you decide to pull off! Good Job keeping the son involved!


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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    <SPAM removed...>
    -your friendly, neighborhood Tech-Daddy

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Possibly the weirdest spam ever?

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Sorry not much for updates but waiting on tons of important parts.

    Also Bill Owen and the crew at gave my son a tshirt and us a package of some cool Modding stuff. My son is so proud of it because he knows exactly who Bill Owen is from watching all the Mnpctech Videos with me. Was so cool of them.

    They also Put up an article on my Venom Build which was cool also. And yes my son does Mod with me as much as he is able to help he does.

    Here's the Article on Venom while we wait on parts for the Mass Effect 3 Build Nzxt Switch 810 Build:

    And my Son sporting his Mnpctech shirt that you can see he is very proud of:

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Just another small update but Big Thanks to NZXT for the New Sentry Mix Fan controller.The controller is a beast and going to work perfect in this build. It also lights up your choice of 5 Colors White,Orange,Red,Green or Blue. The NZXT Sentry Mix also has 50 watts per channel x 6 channels.Now that's a massive amount of fans

    Here it is in all its Glory and so far i Love it !

    Thank you NZXT the Sentry Mix will go nicely in this new build.

    Also very powerful Fan controller with many channels and a sleek look and multiple colored LED's . I highly recommend it !

    More Updates soon EK package should be here soon.

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Started working on the new Back Plate that needed to be stronger and may be needed to lower the Motherboard.And will give a much cleaner look when the build is finished.

    First of a shot of my sad little shop.Lol that's why i use my kitchen to Mod most of the time unless i am welding or painting or something of that nature.

    And here is the new Motherboard tray or back plate or whatever you like to call it in the works.

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)


    Very important parts arrived today so i can finally get moving on this build now.The deadline is end of May but that's not really much time seeing i have to fabricate allot inside the case to make things fit. Even including Lowering the Motherboard.

    As you all know EKWB is a big sponsor in this build and has really liked the work i done in the past.So they sent me a Huge package today and also some little Goodies like Full sleeve shirt some really nice EK badges and a cool EK cup holder.

    But besides that lets get down to Business and show you what they sent for the build.Like i said before this will have a very big dual loop system setup sorta like Venom with the dual Res setup.But also a dual Loop on top of that.

    Thank you So Much EK for believing in me and your Support during this whole Build.I love EK parts used them in many of my builds and would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Here are the EK parts that will be in the build so far.and as you can see there is going to be allot of Fabricating to get it all in there.

    And the i got some Goodies : Long Sleeve EK shirt,EK Cup holder and some nice case Badges.

    Will show the boxes opened as i am building.

    Again Thank you EK. They even shipped these parts from another Country.So tell me that's not a great company.

    More updates soon. Keep watching it should get really good.


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