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Thread: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Way to GO!
    You are a LUCKY dog!


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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Will be mainly Based on Shepard's Uniform the Mass Effect Logo and the Normandy SR-2 Cerberus Version . Some how want to get all that and some other ideas in the build. But cant really tell till i start building what will look best.Or what i will have time to get done.I am thinking just the PSU alone is going to be close to a week's worth of work.

    Somewhat based on this uniform and the Red/White Logo etc.
    That should give you a little idea where i am heading.

    This is the Coolant i have coming now:to Match the Mass Effect Logo:

    Special Thanks goes out To Mayhem's for the support and help Sponsoring this build:

    If your looking for insane Coolants this is where you can get them (Please read what you are buying first though,They sell allot of coolants for show purposes only as well as tons of coolants and dyes that can be run for long periods of time.Just make sure you know which you are ordering)

    Mayhem's Store here:

    Mayhem's Light Red Pastel:

    And his Ice White Pastel :

    The coolant will match the Logo:

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)


    Ok got allot of stuff done but basically just for measurement purposes so everything will still be coming back apart many times.

    First thing was to tap all the holes in the Radiators which are the EK XTC 420 & EK XTC 280. They are very nice Rads and i like to thank EK for Sponsoring them.

    My son helping me Mod of course.He is blowing the shavings away with an air gun while i am tapping the holes.

    Ok now i started moving on getting the rear plate ready for mounting the motherboard. Basically i lined up the motherboard where it needed to go,Used my drill press and drilled the new wholes and then tapped them.I then added the standoffs for the motherboard and had to grind down the threads that stuck through the rear of the plat to get a flush mount.Still tons to do to this plate so i will be taking the build apart many times before the rear Plate is permanently mounted.

    Now just drilling all the holes that will be for the motherboard standoffs.

    Great little 5 speed belt driven drill press i got on sale for $59.99 at Harbor Freight . I jumped on the deal really fast, It was one of those 1 day sales for inside track members only. I also am making it into a little basic milling machine.

    Next i Tapped all the holes i just drilled out with the drill press to the same thread as the motherboard standoffs.

    Now just making sure everything lines up the way it supposed to and again my little helper Owen is there doing his best.This is a critical part ,you cant just mount the motherboard back plate until you have the GPU's in place or you will end up breaking your video cards if the rear plate isn't aligned perfect.Will be getting a better camera when i start getting to the more important updates because the one i have now is terrible as you can see.Also the CPU block and fittings in the pictures will not be being used.

    Another UPDATE in about a 1/2 Hour or so.

    Hope you are enjoying it so far.

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)


    GPU Time:

    2 Powercolor Reference HD6970's with 2 EK-FC6970 Acetal + EN (Nickel) Full cover GPU block's & 2 EK-FC6970 Backplate's - Black

    Now i am adding the 2 EK-FC R48X0/58X0 Links to the Water blocks :

    Next i will be adding the EK-FC Bridge DUAL Parallel 3-Slot Bridge to the 6970's.And the Crossfire Bridge i am working on.Fittings are just there for show.Not sure what angles i will be using yet till i get it more together.There will be Lots of changes once i get the fabrication out of the way and get to actually working on the Theme.

    Now for actually making sure they fit into the motherboard and case nice and smooth.

    Just making sure i can get the XTC 420 in now with Push/Pull setup Bottom rad is just sitting there not sure where i am putting it yet.Also i am going to try and change these shots tomorrow if its nice out with better lighting.Anyway you can get the idea of how it is coming together you just cant see how colorful and shiny it is yet. I will fix that soon don't worry.

    Ok that's it for today really sorry about the crappy camera. But this is just all design stuff and fabricating anyway.Nothing really pretty to look at yet

    Almost forgot. Those Fans are not the fans that will be in this build either. Just there for Measurements .

    Stay Tuned Tons more to come and its going to get Allot better!


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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    "UPDATE" and as Promised i have some better looking pictures so you can actually see the colors.I think its the energy saver bulbs in my house that mess with my camera.

    Quick install of the new CPU block which is an EK Nickel HF Supreme that i bought off a member of OCN username "Wermad". it was in perfect condition as well as the other things i bought of them they are a great seller in the OCN Marketplace. (These couple Pictures aren't great but most of the rest are)

    And the Thermal Paste. I will be using MX4 this build:

    Ok now finally some better looking Pictures:

    Ok everything looking good? Oh well time to tear it apart again Allot of work on this darn back plate.But it is very important at the end of the build.

    Never work with Metal without wearing safety glasses. I have spent a few times in the past having metal dug out of my eye at the hospital from being to lazy to put them on.

    A set Like these that were a gift from Bill Owen and are incredible.

    You can get your own pair here and they are very inexpensive for high quality safety glasses:

    Ok Back to Work now that we talked about safety.That if you watch i never practice what i preach half the time

    Removed everything all over again after marking out where i want to run my wires.I also made the rear plate so it was removable for now by tapping all the mounting wholes and screwing it on.In the end it will most likely be riveted but for now the tray will have to come out many more times so its screwed on.

    Lots of Dremeling Filing and Sand and still lots to go. Also allot of work had to be dont to the old motherboard tray also to pull this off.

    ssEffect3updates027.jpeg" alt="" />


    Bunch more Filing and Sanding to go and then i believe i will be using a U channel Molding around the edges but not totally sure yet because i want the final look very clean.We will see how it fits soon.

    Also more great news the Louvers i designed for the top are done being Laser Cut and are being shipped to me now thbaks to my Sponsor Primochill/Tyler Industries for supplying the materials and also doing any Laser cutting i need done. I still need to work on a hinge system for it, or i may just have them permanently Open. Thats another thing that i haven't decided on yet.I had them cut it bigger then what i needed si i can cut it to size when i have it here to what looks best.The Louvers are the correct size that i needed.

    Here is the design which is very basic but should look really good on this build.

    My drawing done with Google Sketchup and then paint.

    Then the Proper way its done when Tyler Industries redid it for me.To show me the Correct way.Really cool guys at Primochill/Tyler Industries not only do they sponsor me but the guys are great there and have helped me in so many ways.

    Again Thanks to and Primochill for your help with this build and all the other great things you have done for me.Including advice ,Swag Etc.

    More Updates soon i have to stay steady on this thing if i plan on meeting the deadline of end of May.

    Keep Watching the cool stuff will come soon enough .

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Looking great MBO!
    Louvers always catch my eye on any build! I wish more companies would incorporate them into their builds.
    Great Idea !

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Lookin good Dave! 8-)

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    "More Updates sorry for the Long wait"

    This is off topic but can you believe my wife tolerates me? This is the kitchen. Lol and i have projects going on in almost every room in my house. She knows i love it and its who i am.If i Wasn't doing some kid of project i would probably go crazy.Modding is my big thing but i also do a million other things with electronics or just do crazy experiments that i get in my head.

    Anyway off topic but thought you guys would like to see.I don't have no big fancy shop or incredible equipment.I am just an average person in my house screwing around with stuff that makes me happy.

    Question is what would your wife do if she walked in and her kitchen looked like this?

    Usually i have the stove and washing machine covered in parts also

    But when i am done i do clean it but it's like that allot lately Plus i work on customers PC's in the Living room. Not a business just little jobs here and there.

    Sorry for going off topic but had a long day and going to bad so i thought i would leave today off with a bit of Humor.

    Take Care MybadOmen . More Updates shortly.

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Special Thanks goes out to Pete from "Modern Heat" a local metal fabricating company, for donating all the metal's i need for the project and plenty of extra

    I went down to purchase some metal and we ended up talking about what i am doing with the metal and he was excited about the PC's us Modders build and thought it was a great thing we all do.

    So he ended up giving me at no cost:

    A few different Gauges of Sheet metal

    A really nice sheet of thin Aluminum that will be great for modding.

    A nice chunk if 1/2" thick Aluminum Stock that i have plans for that you will see later in the build.

    Also a Nice size sheet of real metal Mesh with roughly 1/8" holes.

    This Metal would have cost me a fortune and now i have enough for many projects so Huge thanks goes out to Pete and the rest of the Guys at Modern Heat in my home town of Gloucester,Mass.

    Modern heat has nothing to do with Heating it was the name from years ago.It is now a Metal Fabricating Company.

    Here is some of what he gave me today and i have some more already in my shed:

    Believe it or not it is extremely hard to get metal in my area because there are tons of metal scrappers in my area.And Home Depot Etc never has any real metals.Just little stuff that they want a fortune for.

    Take Care More updates shortly.Hopefully Today!

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    Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 (Build Log)

    Update !

    This i think you guys will like.This is an old piece of metal that most people would just walk over or throw in the trash.But to me its a beautiful thing and i will show you why.

    Here is that beautiful piece of Metal i was talking about!

    I looked everywhere for a nice looking holder to hold 2 10 inch EK-Multioption X2 Advanced reservoirs one in front of the other.All i could find was side by side mount and none that really looked all that great in my opinion so it was off to my buddies house to play with the Bridgeport and made my own. This isn't completely polished yet or finished ,and i wont do that till i am closer to the end of the build so i don't scratch it up after spending hours wet sanding and buffing it. It looks really good just as it is now i did a little sanding and could be used just as it is but i want it to match the Nickel in the rest of the Build.

    Hope you enjoy it this just shows what you can do with an old piece of scrap metal.

    More updates soon believe me i have had this build together and apart a ton of times so far but not posting allot of it because its just measuring and decision making.

    Keep Watching More Updates Very Soon!

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