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Thread: NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Well I was inspired by New platform that hit the market. Intel x79 chipset and LGA2011 CPU With its awesome Blue and Black Finish

    The case theme is Blue, Black & White featuring The Intel Skull and a Large NZXT logo in Blue on the Back panel.

    The Case that was perfect for the Build was the New NZXT Switch 810 just so many option to choose from its a perfect modder's case, ( My review is coming out tuesday) . Another set components that will fit perfectly into the theme, is The HyperX 120GB ssd from Kingston and Quad Channel Memory .

    A big thank you to the Sponsors

    let take a quick look at the NZXT Switch 810 Case

    Such a clean looking case

    You can tear down to the Bare Frame with ease.

    One of the first things was to disassemble The front and top cover

    No going back now !!!

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Maybe i should try to take the black marker off and just put it back together?

    Anybody have any glue?

    Its going to take forever to file this down?


    I eyeballed that one about right!!!

    And the front

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Oh what did you do this weekend? Ehh Cut a Intel Skull out of Liqiud Resin.

    Dont mind the Buck teeth, I had to go look to see how many teh intel skull had 8

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Awesome start jj. Gonna sit here I think.


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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Thank you all. Just waited for the Paint to Dry today and snap a few more photos.

    Prep Work using 400 Grit sand paper

    Automotive refelective base coat

    Chromoly Finish ? nah

    Metalic Blue

    matching it up, will soon be getting rid of teh chevy symbol

    Nothing is secure yet, but i like what i am seeing so far


    A few more spots to smooth out

    A nice up close look This piece is almost done

    Thank you for looking

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    A few more pics testing out the looks of a 120 Enermax Vegas Trio Fan , Probley going with the 140's


    I am a happy guy

    Again a big thanks to the NZXT,INTEL and KINGSTON Supporting my modding addiction

    Kingston HyperX

    And Intel

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Small Update more to come this week, order White acrylic and sleeving, still need more watercooling supplies and lighting.

    2nd round of paint , smooth down with 400 grit !!!!

    Almost forgot these lol ,
    Sanded and primed

    Ask my awesome wife if she could make me some letters about 5 " tall using the cricut

    Not going to use the font but can use them to make a outline

    back panel layout

    you ready to dance old friend

    Still trimming

    I am testing my idea paint the back side of the N

    work on the back lighting

    need some more polishing and to hook of the leds behind

    Thanks for looking

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Looooove me some lit acrylics! Keep up the great work!

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    Wet Sanded TheGreatSatan's Avatar
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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    Can you cut out the "Window pane" squares? Looks odd.

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    NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    It would be a plus to do so...

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