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Thread: Project: Light Meadow (Completed)

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    Project: Light Meadow (Completed)

    Hi Guys,

    As some of you know, at the time of posting this I´m also working on the tutorial project: nº2, it is however because of that project that this one came around. One of the readers in one of the forums really liked it and she decided she wanted something similar, using the same brand and model basic case, but with a "normal" window, and matt pastel green and white with a little detailing on the opposite side.

    So for the last four days I´ve been doing it, it´s now been given to her, the client and she seemed over the moon happy with it, so that makes me happy : )

    I won´t go in to much detail because really, there´s not much detail, it´s a minimalistic mod with simple every day hardware, somehow however, I had a lot of fun doing it, I found it quite relaxing to be honest.

    So here goes, 18 photos from start to finish (most of the actual finished case but hey).

    The flower detailing was done with a fine brush, I´d like to thank my sister for helping me with that.

    Took me quite a while to find the right kind of matt clear lacquer so it wouldn´t shine whatsoever or reflect anything which is what she wanted, turns out that´s quite hard to find in acril based paints but did eventually find it, and I love the stuff!

    Anyhow, the whole thing took just about 8 hours in 4 days (a couple of hours a day) from start to finish.

    Thanks for reading/watching! : )

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    Project: Light Meadow (Completed)

    I like it a lot. You did d great job in a short amount of time. I hope it's enjoyed for years to come, because it really looks like it should be.

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