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Thread: question about the corsair h60

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    question about the corsair h60

    I am right now looking for a new cpu cooler than the stock cooler for my I5 system that I just built because I feel the temperatures are getting to hot with it. I was looking at the Corsair H60 and it looks like a nice cooler but I was wondering if it would fit on my case. I have a Lian Li PC-60 case and the rear fan hole is only 80mm. I know I will need an adapter for that to make it go to 120mm. But how big is the rest of the radiator and assembly. will it even fit in my case or is there another cooler that will work for my system to keep it quiet but cool at the same time. I am looking into getting a new case in the near future but right now I just need something to keep the system cool.

    Any help on this would be nice. Thanks in advance

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    question about the corsair h60

    The hydro stuff is pretty intriguing. But honestly unless you're overclocking frequently you would still do better and cheaper with an aftermarket Air cooler.

    Thermaltake and Cooler Master both make great stuff, depending on what you're looking for. As far as size goes, just do a little measuring in your case and try not to get something that stands super tall off of your processor, but you don't have to go for anything that is "Slim" or "Mini".

    Best of all, it's air so it's going to be about $30 cheaper, at least for many options.

    I'd say look at or for your proc type compatibility. Good luck!

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