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Thread: R.I.P. Thumper Dude Smith 05/19/2005 - 03/10/2012

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    R.I.P. Thumper Dude Smith 05/19/2005 - 03/10/2012

    This evening, at the stroke of midnight, my heart went to Heaven. Thumper Dude Smith took his last breaths just a brief moment before, and as my heart fell apart, we said goodbye to him, and told him to go home and be with Jesus. He may have left us with broken hearts, but he will forever remain not only our hearts, but a reason for us to keep up with hope that one day, we too will join him in happiness. We all will always love you, Thumper Dude, forever, for always, my Baby Boy, my Bubber Man. We love you, may you now rest in eternal peace. Sincerely, Mommy, Daddy, Blazey and the rest of all of us who've been so very extremely blessed to have had you in our lives, and become your ever-dedicated and loving family. Farewell my Lovey Bubby, we will see you again before you know it. R.I.P. 05/19/2005 - 03/10/2012 You will always be my heart, Thumper Dude! You, Daisy, Mommy and Blazey, all of you will always be my heart! Ni-night Thumper Dude! Sweet dreams, and don't forget that Lord Jesus and His angels are with us, keeping us safe and watching over us, forever and ever!

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    R.I.P. Thumper Dude Smith 05/19/2005 - 03/10/2012

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I have lost a few pets in the last two years due to happy and very long lives... it has not been the same without them.

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    Probably the only thing you could do is contact Antec and ask them if they could give you an idea of when and if they plan to get any back in stock. I know they have helped users out in times like these in the past.
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    My dog will have nothing to do with Jesus, he's got a good ten years left in him too

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