If you've ever seen the Thermaltake Level 10 GT then you know exactly how unusual it looks. But what if you pictured Level 10 as a factory? The case will be made to look as though it's a large factory cut out of solid rock.

Thermaltake is sponsoring this build and have provided me with the case, CPU cooler and a sweet 1275 watt 80 Platinum power supply. Enermax has kindly donated some high powered Vegas fans.

I spent over and hour stripping the case down

I really was dying to get rid of that vent on the inside of the side panel

At first, I had other plans and initially painted case completely white

And then later I realized that I wanted the case to be covered in rock

All homes have plumbing, and this one will have plenty of copper pipes on the outside too

The hard drive bays look like a great place to start adding plumbing. I want it to look like the "bumps" on the bays are part of the plumbing shroud

I got some thin, but sturdy PVC piping

And cut them into tiny pieces

Then used them to join the pipes together. I'll paint them to match the copper soon

I painted the front and made sure that I saved the logo and blue trim

And mapping out some of the external piping

During the painting process there are some things that aren't necessary to keep.

Then I painted it

And saved the ports