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Thread: Looking for a Front Bezel for an Antec P182

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    Looking for a Front Bezel for an Antec P182

    I friend of mine has an Antec P182 case however the case took a dive and the front bezel is trashed. This happened a while back so he does not have the parts for me to attempt to repair it.

    Does anyone have one laying around they would be willing to sell? He as tried EBay with no luck. And the Antec site does not indicate that they have any in stock. He is willing to pay, not simply looking for a handout.

    Here's a link to the front bezel:

    Any help would be great, thanks guys!

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    Looking for a Front Bezel for an Antec P182

    Probably the only thing you could do is contact Antec and ask them if they could give you an idea of when and if they plan to get any back in stock. I know they have helped users out in times like these in the past.

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