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Thread: Wood Stove mod (Video up)

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    For a while I have been going into a friends store that sells wood stoves and stuff. So, because I am always looking at things to see if they could be modded into a computer something caught my eye.

    He had a small electric wood stove that blows heat, and there is no real fire, just a fake visual.

    I measured it, stared at it, measured it again, etc. I thought "why not, winter's just around the corner".

    So I finally picked one up and here we go...

    The Victim...

    Out of the box you can see the fake logs, electric heater is attached to the bottom.

    Here is a shot of the unit turned on and you can barely see the fake flames.

    Here's how it works.. There is a light inside the back that shines onto a rotating wheel with strips of metal that reflect onto a backer that has flames cut out. Then it projects onto the backside of a glass piece creating the illusion of flames.

    So begins the tear down phase..

    Man I LUV tearing stuff apart!!

    I think by now you can see where this is headed...

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Nice! I look foward to seeing this

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    OK now this will be cool... er hot to see :-)

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    I started on mounting the monitor. I decided to leave the original window in the stove and then back the monitor off about 1/4" from that window to give it some depth.

    I had to use some 1/4" rod that I had laying around as a shim and then glued it to the front window.

    Now the monitor sits flat and is ready for mounting.

    I decided to utilize the screws that hold the front panel to the side panels on each side. This will be the anchor point for the bracket I'm making. I needed a bracket that will hold the monitor and also double as a place to bolt the mobo tray.
    I decided to use some aluminum square tubing.

    I had to stack it 2 pieces high and screw it together. This will leave a space for some spacers between the cross bars I'll show in a bit.

    Drilling holes always leaves a burr so an easy way to remove them is with this -

    I layed the cross pieces across the monitor and marked their position for mounting.

    I'm using the factory mounting locations on the back of the monitor so this will be easy.

    I just needed some 3/8" tall bushings but I only had 3/4" bushings so it was time for some grinding. I decided to use a hose clamp and group them together so I can grind them at the same time and they all end up the same.

    Bushings in, screwed on, monitor mounted!!

    All these parts will be painted with stove black so they match everything else. I will be mounting the mobo tray to the back of the cross bars so it will look really clean and I'll have room around it for air movement, wire management, etc.

    I plugged in the monitor and it looks really cool. Because the monitor doesn't match the front bezel I had to use Nvidia Control Panel to adjust it to where I needed it. It definitely has some depth to it and you can look at it from an angle and see more of the screen. This will come into play later :wink:

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Hey make into a Folding @ Home machine for our team and it could definitely be used as a space heater ;-)

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    I am finished prepping the sheet metal parts of this thing now. I decided to make a little more room inside by removing the bottom panel that had a few unnecessary bends in it. I flattened it out so I have a better area for mounting the guts.

    You can see the bottom has a few different bends that I had to take care of -

    I pulled it from the case and made a temporary metal brake out of some flat bar and angle bar. I clamped everything down and was able to bend it pretty easy.

    Now it's all flat!! Much better for mounting hardware.

    I picked up the monitor at a surplus store for $50 and really liked it because it had easy mounting holes, VGA/DVI, USB ports, and speaker connection. After tear down I found that the buttons for the monitor power/controls were attached to a ribbon that went between the monitor and front bezel giving me a way to relocate the buttons easily.

    So I cut the controls out of the bezel for now so I can relocate-

    The front piece of the stove has a nice little spot I can cut a slot in it for a slot loading DVD drive.

    I picked up one of these, with the advice of Boddaker. :wink:

    I decided to order a pre-made motherboard tray from Lian Li instead of making one. This is a sweet little Micro ATX tray that will mount to the back of the monitor bracket giving me plenty of room for connections, and some airflow.

    I have a 500W psu going in it. An Intel Micro ATX mobo DG41TY w/ E5300 processor. 8 gigs of ram. I may throw in a vid card.

    This is not going to be an extreme gaming rig, more for browsing the web and doing reports and stuff.

    As soon as my parts get here I'll start mounting everything and will have another update.

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    A doing reports rig with 8gb of ram O.o At least I can claim photoshop and gaming for my 8gb.... lol.

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    A doing reports rig with 8gb of ram O.o At least I can claim photoshop and gaming for my 8gb.... lol.
    I guess your sort of right... I guess it just doesn't seem like 8 gigs is that much anymore so that's what I was throwing in it.

    I want it to having some light gaming possibilities too.

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    Parts arrived.....yay!! :P

    So now it's time to get moving again.

    The mobo tray I got from Lian Li is really nice. Standoffs already screwed in, pretty rigid, nice and clean.
    I figured out what orientation would work best in this space to allow for connections, air flow, and other components. This way looks best, so I marked it for mounting.

    I left room all around it and set my PSU where it had to go. It's amazing how fast you run out of room for stuff.

    I decided to use some spacers to give a little extra space between the motherboard and monitor for extra cooling.

    Here you can see I ultimately ended up with the I/O plate being at the same end as the monitor connections. I need a 6" DVI cable at the most.I don't think they make them that short so I'll be figuring out where to stuff extra lengths of cables.

    Time for some serious cutting...Power supply will be mounting to the bottom panel so I used a template I had laying around and marked it. I used a Dremel to cut this part out.

    And now back together for like the 50th time...

    Now for the scary part...
    Somewhere on the front of this thing needs a slot cut in it for the hidden DVD drive.....

    This front panel is plastic so you would think it was easy to work with. I shouldn't worry right? Except that it's the front of the unit that everyone will be staring at and if I screw this up I can't just get a front panel, I have to buy another stove! :roll:
    I decided the best spot would be right where it has a fake grille. I can hopefully tuck it up under the lip.

    The only tool I feel like using is pure overkill but what the hell..

    whew...success..still needs some final filing to get perfect but good for now.

    I need a mount for the slot load drive so I'll be making it out of some extra mesh I have from previous jobs.

    An easy way to bend this stuff is to use a square and an awl. Score it where you want the bend and then gently bend it up.

    Next update soon.

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    Wood Stove mod (Video up)

    LOL great job Bob. This is one of the funniest and coolest ideas I've seen in a while of taking something out of the ordinary and making it into a practical work of art. Can't wait to see the finished product on this one.

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