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Thread: Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    LOL... that is not enough for ALL of us!

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    Heck the only thing left is the Homer Simpson Barcalounger potty!

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    OK guys sorry for the lack of updates, between work and Sketchup constantly crashing while I am finalising the desk design there hasn't been much to post. However I decided to start working on a different part of the build and also reorganize and clean up my office. So as I have said from the get go this desk is going to have a MW theme but other than a map I printed off there hasn't been much in the way of actual MechWarrior stuff done to the desk. Well not any more!

    Yes that is a custom made Mechwarrior Branding iron

    I would like to thank Bryan Phillips who built this for me. He does great work and is super fast. I hit him up with the idea for this last week then I got a hold of him today and told him I wanted to have it made he went over the artwork with me in chat at about 12:30 and he told me he would have it ready this afternoon :blink: seriously I had it in my hands around 6pm and I could not be happier. I also got to meet his 37 day old Emu Gerry who was awesome!

    Anyway on to the branding iron. Its 2.75 inches tall so it will fit on 2x4s and is made out of plasma cut steel and then welded together.

    Now could not resist trying it out when I got home so here are some teaser shots.

    I did a bunch of test runs on scrap pieces of 2x4 left over from the desk build and I think I am starting to get the hang of it.

    Here is one Bryan did at his shop as well.

    Once again I cannot recommend Bryans work enough he showed me some awesome Roman style armor as well as some futuristic armor from a popular video game franchise he is still working on. His rates are very reasonable and he is really patient when it comes to tweaking stuff to perfection. He can be contacted at RAPTORRED2@GMAIL.COM he also does 3D digital modeling please shoot him a email if you need anythign metal fab related and mention that I referred you, I know that this wont be the last piece of work i have him do on this or several other projects I have coming up.

    Now I plan on doing the actual branding on the desk this weekend and I am looking to the community for where I should actually place the branded logo. Please post or pm your suggestions and whichever suggestion is the best/makes the most sense I will go with (I may actually give the person who makes the best suggestion a prize aswell we will just have to see ) Two other things I am thinking about doing is videoing the branding process and posting it up for everyone to enjoy, the other thing is I am thinking about having Bryan make a branding iron for every company that decides to sponsor this build and dedicate a area of the desk to true Sponsor "Branding" so let me know what you think of that.

    Lastly I am hoping to cut and fit the lid to the PC enclosure so look for pictures and commentary on that. I am debating going over to videoing the build as it progress (thoughts?) Anywho thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    Some updated Sketchup pictures, I will soon start the hunt for sponsors.

    Some of the PC cabinet (please remember the entire cabinet will be enclosed in aluminup with man and rad cutouts and access points ofr the Xbox 360, PS3 and surround sound head unit.) Also I will be using a square grid rubber coated wire mesh, the expanded metal in the imagies is just a place holder as it was already available.

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    Ok guys, small update. Due to the fact that my air conditioning is out of commission for the next day or 2 and it hit 90 degrees here today, starting a fire in my office to heat up the branding iron seemed like a ill advised idea. However we did get the top for the PC cabinet cut to size, whipped out some tubing to figure out routing and component placement. Good news is I am confident that we will be able to stick with the inverted trapdoor mounted PC concept and I will be finishing the sketchup model including tubing in the next couple of days. Final bit of news the desk build just (Ok mainly the MW branding iron) just got a mention in the No Guts No Galaxy Mechwarrior podcast. You can check it out at its a really great podcast and a must for any Mechwarrior/Battletech fan. Anywho expect a bigger update a little later in the week.

    Also right now I am still planning on using a Piano/continuous hinge but I am open to other options so if you know of another solution please post it up esp. if its exotic or overkill.

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    Sorry for the Delay guys, this project is still ongoing, however I have been absolutely slammed with work and some personal life drama, I also wanted to switch over to a video update format and have been hunting for the right HD camcorder (think I have found it in the Sony CX260V) So expect a Video update soon. Until Then heres a teaser for some of the goodies I have been gathering for the build.

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    Awsome set up...very jealouse...
    How about you forget the hinge and have the whole pc, xbox etc raise up out of the desk, as if you were acessing the rooms power core....of course you would have to include the smoke/ dry ice etc...
    Great work..mate

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    Bombproof Builders Desk....Build

    Hello dieseldog49

    I mentioned your work to a friend of mine, and of course my stupid sugestion.

    Now he is a kitchen builder and cabinet maker and he emailed me this link today and it would seem that anything is possible....

    Have fun looking and please let me know haw long untill your head was over run with possible ideas..

    ( I wounder how much over time i can get out of the boss this month.. gunna need some more cash me thinks)

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    sorry for not updating more guys, got locked out of the site by accident there for a while. Here are the updates I meant to have up here.

    the parts are still rolling in here is another sampler pic or 2.

    Ok guys I shot a video update but I am having issues with it unfortunately so here is a regular old update.

    Ok so I have been on a backup rig for over 2 months now and it has been killing me. So I now have most of the components I am planning on using in the desk build, so I threw all of them into a Bitfenix Shinobi XL case to test all of the components and make sure I am happy with the performance and everything works before I go through the trouble of mounting it up. This is just a temp build so its not my prettiest work.

    Also I managed to snag a Dell 30 inch 2560x1600 to replace my triple monitor setup. I freaking love it! I may go up to three of them but at the moment 1 is enough. Specs for the system are as follows

    Intel 2011 8320 w/ XSPC Raystorm waterblock

    MSI Big Bang II Mobo

    Gigabyte 7970 with EK Acrylic waterblock and backplate

    G-Skill 16gb 1866 ram

    Swiftech 360mm rad with gentle typhoons in a push configuration

    Swiftech 240mm rad with Noctua fans in a pull configuration

    Swiftech Pump with XSPC res.

    Koolance 3/8 ID and 5/8 OD compression fittings

    Corsair 1000w PSU

    Asus Blu Ray drive

    Crucial M4 256 SSD

    WD Green 2TB Media Drive

    Ok Guys I am ordering more parts for the build however I will not be posting much till the beginning of September as I have a huge workload to get done before I head to PAX Prime I will be going full steam ahead on the project when I get back. Thanks again for everyone following the build I will try to get the video update redone and working in the next few days though.

    This Build still lives but there have been some changes, including a second PC. Here are some screenshots for what I have planned

    More to come soon.

    Ok, sorry for not posting more details with the design updates guys, it was late and I had just gotten them done. Anywho So its been a couple months since my last update, between PAX, work and a unexpected medical issue I haven't been able to post much. However I have been making headway on the build so here is a list of some of the changes.

    First off obviously is the monitor setup I have added 2 Dell 2007 1600x1200 monitors to my Dell 30 for a PLP setup, I have to say that out of all monitor configurations I have tried this is by far the one I prefer most it allows for crazy high levels of productivity without being crazy wide or narrow.

    I also have a 24 inch 1920x1200 monitor to the left, that is for the next phase of my project. I am mounting a PC in the wall behind the Desk as the designs above illustrate. The room behind my office us unfinished as its where the HVAC is located in the house, so I decided to do something fun and interesting with this area as its basically used for just storage. The PC will be mounted on a hinged board with dual triple rads bellow. The reasons I did this are threefold

    1. As some people have brought out there may be issues running a liquid cooled rig in this horizantal configuration and before I go through the trouble of modifying my desk this way (I have a backup configuration) This will serve as a proof of concept build for the liquid cooling layout and help me work the bugs out in a more forgiving setup with cheaper components. And should it not work I will put it in the up position and be no worse off.

    2. I will need another PC up and running ans I am modifying and building the desk rig so this will serve as my backup and interim rig.

    3. It s a chance to do something cool and different with PC components, duh!

    So the specs for this rig are

    i5 2500K processor
    EVGA FTW mATX Mobo
    Koolance 360WB
    655 Pump
    AMD 6970 Video Card with Heatkiller waterblock
    2x 360mm slim rads
    8gb of G-skill 1866Mhz ram
    SeasonicX 750w psu

    More coming soon, I am waiting for parts today and tomorrow, thanks for reading!

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    Ok guys, small update today but I can say that I will be posting more regularly as all of the parts I need for the next stage of the build are either here or in the mail. Anywho today was all not tech work on the desk. First off as this coffee stain will show you I need a better way to have beverages on my desk.

    Enter the stainless steel 3 3/4 inch cupholders

    They have a drain at the bottom that I will have a plug for, so should I spill a drink in the holder I simply put the trash bag bellow in and drain it.

    I will be using my 3 and 3/4 inch hole saw for these. Costs alot of money but work every penny, remember modders, the right tool for the right task

    First one cut and mounted (sorry forgot to snap a pic before I put it in)

    Then number 2

    And Bam! 2 sexy additions to my already awesome desk

    Ok, next up in anticipation of the 6970 and motherboard tray arriving for the wall PC part of the build I decided to mount the power and reset buttons for the wall PC. First off a strait edge to make sure my marks are right.

    Then a couple of pilot holes.

    Now the trick with these is to drill with 2 different size paddle bits from each side so I can get the mounting ring for the switches in the hole. So 3/4 inch in the front.

    Then 1 inch in the back

    Getting the rings to stay in place was a pain in the butt however my trusty leatherman came through for me on this one.

    These were a bit of a hassle but I am really happy with how they turned out.

    But now I have this awesome place to put my beer but I have to keep a tacky bottle opener lying around, cluttering up the top of my desk. Well I solved that problem today as well

    One last piece of advice guys, when ever I mod I test, test, test

    Expect another update in a week guys and as always thanks for reading!

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