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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Ok, HUGE update! Got the case pretty much finished over the weekend, barring a few bolt-on items and logos.

    Lets start with one of the armor plates. I cut out a shape from 1/4" acrylic to match the pattern on the side panel.

    Using my square drill bit, I drilled five square holes for the carriage bolts. :P

    And used the same hammered paint on it.

    Another item on my list was backlighting for the vinyl cutout. I got some yellow ledstrips from Moddersmart and glued them onto the back of it, spacing them out.

    I then powered them up to see how they looked.

    With the smoke test passed, I finished up the wiring with some sleeving, got the back panel on and did a final test. Here's the panel off...

    ...and with the leds on. Nice even glow around the whole thing.

    I also finished up the top turbine. Got the leds switched out for yellow ones.

    Then I proceeded to add styrene pieces around the sides, including these covers for the leds and wires.

    Leaving the bottoms open allows the wires to run down through the top panel out of sight.

    After the armor paneling was done, I got some hammered paint on it as well.

    For a finishing touch, I added an RC propeller nose cone.

    Overall shot of the top panel.

    Now that everything is painted and on the case and looking perfect, it's time for some fun! Weathering and rust! :twisted: To create the rust effect, I used a two-part product called "Sophisticated Finishes" that consists of a metallic base and an antiquing solution. First step was to apply the base surfacer where I wanted the rust to be. So I went all around the case, thinking of how water might stand in some areas, and where the paint would be worn or chipped off from use.
    You can also see where I did some tests prior to doing the whole case, just to see how this stuff works.

    Here's the top panel with one coat of antiquing solution. The directions said to wait 24 hours after applying the surfacer, but if I wanted a more orange rust look, I could apply the antiquing solution sooner. So I waited about an hour and did the first coat, and about 30 minutes between each subsequent coat.

    After 3 coats...

    And after about 6 coats. By this time it wasn't getting any more orange so I stopped.

    Here's the front acid panel after applying the base:

    1 coat of antiquing solution:

    3 coats:

    And 6 coats:

    Came out pretty good I think.

    That pretty much wraps it up for this case, with the exception of a few more bolt-on pieces (the CL4P-TP robot I'm having painted locally, logo behind the acid panel, and a last-minute rusted mesh panel for the 5 1/4 drive bay opening).

    I'm also wondering what to do with the case feet. Trying to think of something industrial, like from a scrap heap that would work. Any ideas?

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Work continues on the front of the case. I needed something to replace the drive bay covers because I didn't they would look right, even if they were weathered and rusty as well. So as I was looking around the garage, I found the perfect thing... A semi-rusted piece of mesh! I cut it to size and fit it into the opening. Then I printed the Tt buzzsaw logo onto label paper and cut it out. Time for more rust!

    Applying the iron surfacer...

    I removed the mask and applied the first coat of antiquing solution, but then realized it was having a reaction to the bare metal around the logo as well, which actually made it better.

    I placed the mask back on and continued applying the solution just on the logo parts.

    After 6 coats I removed the mask and found that the single coat on the bare metal created a nice orange outline around the logo, giving it a more realistic look. I love it!

    Front bezel back on the case. While the doors were off, I worked them a bit more, roughing up the stripes so they don't look so crisp. I also added the BL2 logo behind the acid panel.

    Just have to add the back-lighting behind the acid panel now.

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    looking good i like it what did you use for rust paint !! looks real

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    looking good i like it what did you use for rust paint !! looks real
    I used a product called Sophisticated Finishes, 2-part antiquing kit. One bottle is an iron surfacer base, and the other is the actual antiquing solution that creates the rust effect over the base. I found it at Michaels craft store.

    Here's a[/video]]video from MNPCTech where they show how to apply the very same product I used.

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Wrapping up the BL2 build! Got CL4P-TP painted on the acrylic, and the arms mounted.

    Had a local illustrator paint CL4P-TP for me from a reference pic I gave him. Came out awesome!

    For the right arm, I added another piece of 1/4" acrylic to the back and sandwiched two flush mount screws in between.

    Drilled mounting holes in the door panel,

    and fastened the arm to the panel with cap nuts.

    Making the arms removable will make it easier to ship the case, as it will still fit in its original box, with the arms packed safely inside.

    The left arm is held on by a small metal bracket at the tip, and velcro where it joins the body.

    Final pics coming soon!

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    Found a shot of the case on display at Computex...

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    cool Brian

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    Borderlands 2 Mod

    A couple more shots from Computex...

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