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Thread: Mod Garage Ver. #2

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    Start Date: 7.13.06

    I am gonna be Modding my 1car Garage to hold all my Supplies. (Tall Order)
    My last Mod Garage had only 8ft of Pegboard with Supplies on it. Link
    I had to move from that 1Bedroom 2car Garage to a 1bedroom Hugh Apt. with a 1car Garage **WTF**

    Here is the first Shot of the Moving into the new Garage.

    More Pic's

    Wide Pic

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    Here is the 16ft of Counter Space

    I went and got some new top Counter pieces

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    7.22.06 i finshed installing the 16ft of Pegboard :lol:

    BAM!!! time to add the supplies to the board

    Wide Shot with the F@H ARMY RACK 6Rigs

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    Close-up Shot of the Supplies

    Here I am installing the upper Shelf to hold more Items

    Another Shot

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    The upper shelf is completed and adding totes to shelf

    95% finshed with the Mod (More tote digging on the way) :grin:

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    Looks pretty good for what space you have to work with. I'd be comfortable working there

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    o_0 OMFG THRASHER2 you should change topic to Mod Shop lol pretty nice and STURDY setup you got there


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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    beats my toolbox and dresser :lol:

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    very nice set up. I want that when I move to a real place, but I would like it in a basement instead, and damn you keep a lot of supplies in stock

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    Mod Garage Ver. #2

    its like having your own personal shop! lol nice one

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