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Thread: flight simulator ?

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    flight simulator ?

    So ... you think that chair with your rudder pedals and yoke with a few monitors makes an awesome flight simulator ?


    THIS ... is a flight simulator ....

    ... 8O

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    flight simulator ?

    I would love one made for rotary wing. I have no idea how to do all that stuff myself, maybe I could employ him when I win the lottery!!


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    flight simulator ?

    And ... can you imagine the software he needed to adapt/make to get 90% of a 737's cocpit to work? 8O

    I'd like a Space Shuttle simulator myself
    ... know where I can get the nose off of one anywhere? :wink:

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    flight simulator ?

    How about this one? Should be easy to build, not sure where to get one of those old stoneage CRT monitors though....

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