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Thread: League Of Legends !!!!

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    League Of Legends !!!!

    . Hope you like it . I just wanted to build something that encompasses league of legends from the talented artistry to the brute fun of the game.


 3_o.jpg" alt="" />

    Thats where i am so far, ill continue to update as I make progress.

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    League Of Legends !!!!

    Ive been watching this unfold... and me likes

    nicely done leather!

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    League Of Legends !!!!

    is that play dough?

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    League Of Legends !!!!

    well kinda. same concept of coarse but this is called extra firm sculpting compound. Its very firm and once a shape is created you bake it in ur oven at 250 for about 10 minutes and its like firing it in a kiln, the clay hardens to a solid form and you can paint and sand from there. Haven't tried it yet but i think it may also work very well for making molds.

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    League Of Legends !!!!

    it comes in 50 different colors from gray to pink and all in between.

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    League Of Legends !!!!

    Like FIMO?

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    League Of Legends !!!!

    kinda , but its sculpting clay.

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