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Thread: Project: NWware Exquisite, Scratch from wooden!

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    Project: NWware Exquisite, Scratch from wooden!

    Custom Exqusisite case

    All parts get ready to build it!

    Here Im start with Radiator

    Cut aluminum bar for hold reservoir on radiator

    paint spray shine black to match the radiator color

    Love this 6-32 plug tap

    use 6-32 plug top screw it on radiator to fit any 6/32 screw

    Put screw insert on wood make easy for mount radiator on it.

    Done w Radiator and Reservoir

    My wife helped a lot with Stained Glass for side panel door!

    I added LED light strip inside around the edge of Stained glass door.

    Add 2 Dual 2.5 to 3.5 bracket on top of PSU for raid 0 SSD, 1tb and 500gb hdd.

    Now it is all ready to go!

    Won Mod contest from CPU Magazine Mad Reader Mod!
    Here link:
    rdan23james/cpumag1-1.png" alt="" />

    Thanks to Gigabyte for sponsor Motherboard G1 ASSASSIN 2.

    Also I decided to upgrade new Hardware with money that I won from CPU Magazine Mod Contest

    2x eVGA GTX 680 SLi

    DangerDen LGA 2011 Nickel Waterblock

    2x120gb Patriot Wildfire SSD Raid 0

    4x4gb 16gb 1866mhz Crucial Ballistix green and red light.

    Ready to Build!

    Here my Result

    3DMARK11 result:
    3DMARK Vantage Result:

    Will OC bit more around 4.6 to 5ghz later.

    My Office.

    Thanks for looking! Will upload video on youtube shortly.

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    Project: NWware Exquisite, Scratch from wooden!

    Awesome Rig Man!

    Me and woodworking just don't get a long so I am jealous of those that posses the skill.

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