You might have seen a small blip a few weeks ago about this mod here, but ASUS wanted to keep it under wraps until COMPUTEX started so now I am officially bringing it back!

First off I work like to say Thank You to ASUS for asking me to create a case mod for them for a such a special event.

I will say that this mod was probably the toughest ones have I have done because of limitations.

The first one was I ended up having just over two weeks to create the case mod.

The others were that the mod had to be a military theme but,

1) Could not be violent (blood, gore and such)
2) Could not be a weapon
3) It has to show a minimum of 50% of the motherboard (which was the reason for the case mod)

So after some thinking and finding the right case here was my idea and my creation :-)

My inspiration for the mod is a Military Hummer (HumVee)

The base of the mod will be the Cooler Master HAF X as it already has a military feel to the look.

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Here is my concept drawing that ASUS approved on

Then it was off to Home Depot to get some of the supplies needed. Here they are with the case and ready to put together like a model with not instructions.

I wanted to start off working on the missile launcher first as I knew this would probably take the most time and would like of be one of the key features of the case. I grabbed a few of the item I bought and began to work.

What you see here is some PVC piping parts and metal bracket used to secure wood for hanging.

My thoughts are to make a swivel base for the missile launcher out them. The PVC pipe-union would be the base, the pipe would be the post and the bracket would connect to the bottom of the launcher.

Next I took some sheet metal and laid out where to bend it and where to drill the air holes for the launcher.

Then over to the bender...

And I ended up with one of these...

and it should end up looking something like this...

I liked it, BUT, a single launcher was just so out-of-place :-( I redid the process above and make a second one and now I am much happier with the look.