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Thread: Southbridge cooling or Tri Sli ????

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    Southbridge cooling or Tri Sli ????

    Hello there,

    I need some help if possible.....I'm currently in the middle of my first case mod "Tank's for the memories" and I need some help..

    I am trying to trick out my old gaming PC and give it the updates it sorely needs....My motherboard is an ASUS P5-NT Deluxe

    And in doing so I am trying to get as much on it as possible.. Water cooling, better CPU, RAM, and three GPU's..

    My problem is occurring when I have all three graphics cards in place ( 3x EVGA GTX 260 super clocked ) and water cooled… there appears to be no way of attaching any water cooling block to the south bridge. As when i have two GPU's in position they take up slots 1 and 3 on the board but when i put the 3rd card in thats when it blocks the sothbridge all together.

    The space that is there is very minimal around 1cm to may be 1.5 cm in height

    I have found some pics on-line (as I am at work right now) they should be good enough to get my point across.

    The board

    The board with 3 x GPU’s (not mine, but same in lenght)

    Close up of southbridge's position and how close it is to GPU slot 2


    The board with a water block on the south bridge

    I’m almost at the point where I’m considering making something custom,,,
    All thing are possible ,,,he,,he,,

    Hell if you could cool it from the back side of the board that could be doable (space wise) can you cool chips from their back side of the mother board????

    Any suggestions will be most welcome as i would realy like to have me cake and eat it with this one.



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    Southbridge cooling or Tri Sli ????

    With the GPU Water blocks in place the card should have enough empty space on the edge of the pcb for the tubing to run.

    is the SB getting hot enough that it is a concern?

    the SB is not that warm you can actually get away with something simple like this I used to use for custom builds when liquid cooling would not fit.

    granted taht is not available but any low profile cooler should do the job as the Southbridge chipset honestly does not get that hot and even with triple cards it is pretty tolerant of heat.

    just make sure you have airflow over it or an active cooler like I posted and you will be fine

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